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Geologic Investigations Series I 2668

Geologic Map of the Izzenhood Spring Quadrangle, Lander County, Nevada

By David A. John and Chester T. Wrucke


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The Izzenhood Spring quadrangle covers about 145 km2 of the southwestern part of the Sheep Creek Range in northern Lander County, Nevada. The quadrangle is underlain by Lower Paleozoic rocks that are unconformably overlain and intruded by thick sequences of Miocene igneous rocks related to the northern Nevada rift (Stewart and McKee, 1977; Wallace and John, 1998; John and others, 2000). Much of the eastern part of the quadrangle is covered by thin Quaternary surficial deposits.

Download the Izzenhood Spring Quadrangle map a ~33" x 38" PDF file (i2668.pdf; 8.3 MB)

Download the Izzenhood Spring Quadrangle map as an EPS file (i2668.eps; 3.5 MB)

Download the topographic base (a .TIF file) to be used with the EPS file (izze2.tif; 30.6 MB)

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