Three calderas
11. Three calderas, looking northeast from the informally known Point of Rocks (Creede quad). High distant ridge of La Garita Mountains, above tree line, is resurgent block of intracaldera Fish Canyon Tuff within northern segment of La Garita caldera. Steep slopes on southwest flank of La Garita Mountains mark northeast topographic wall of Bachelor caldera. Prominent cliffs in middle distance are fill of Bachelor caldera, mainly intracaldera Carpenter Ridge Tuff above town of Creede, where truncated by north topographic wall of Creede caldera. In foreground, at Point of Rocks, landslide breccia of intracaldera Carpenter Ridge Tuff is faulted against northwest flank of resurgently domed intracaldera Snowshoe Mountain Tuff within the Creede caldera.
Photograph by P.W. Lipman.