USGS Geological Survey
Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-797
Digital database, version 1.0


Geologic Map of the Stillwater Complex, Montana: A Digital Database

Geology compiled by Norman J Page and Warren J. Nokleberg
Digital database by Robert J. Miller


(map originally published in 1974)

This report publishes a geologic map database containing geology (lines and polygons) as well as structural point data from the Geologic map of the Stillwater Complex (Page and Nokleberg, 1974). The four geology plates from the original publication were converted to a digital format by Optronics Specialty Co., Inc. in 2000. The four component maps were combined into single theme layers and a data model was populated with information from the correlation and description of map units of the original report.

This digital spatial database is one of many being created by the U.S. Geological Survey as an ongoing effort to provide geologic information for use in spatial analysis in a geographic information system (GIS). This database can be queried in many ways to produce a variety of geologic maps. A raster image of the original publication basemap is included. This database is not meant to be used or displayed at any scale larger than 1:12000 (for example, 1:2000).

The map area is located in southern Montana. This report describes the map units (from Page and Nokleberg, 1974), the methods used to convert the geologic map data into a digital format, and the ArcInfo GIS file structures and relationships.

 Description of files available to download

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 README file, in UNIX ASCII format, listing all files available for download

README file, In DOS ASCII, listing all files available for download

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 I-797 29-page pamphlet in Portable Document Format (PDF). Get Adobe Reader to view pdf files

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 Primary GIS for the Stillwater Complex. Utilities to extract TAR and GZIP files on your Windows or Macintosh

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Portable Document Format (pdf) files for the digital map sheets

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 Metadata file (ASCII text file) for the spatial digital databases

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 Metadata file (ASCII text file) for the topographic base map

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 Metadata file (ASCII text file) for the geo TIFFs of the original Page and Nokleberg (1974) map sheets

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1943 topo base map (Page and Nokleberg, 1974)

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 Georeferenced MrSID image for sheet 1 (Page and Nokleberg, 1974)

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 GeoTIFF image for sheet 1 (Page and Nokleberg, 1974)

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 Georeferenced MrSID image for sheet 2 (Page and Nokleberg, 1974)

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 GeoTIFF image for sheet 2 (Page and Nokleberg, 1974)

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(Sheets 3 and 4 not available at this time)

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