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Miscellaneous Field Studies MF 2337, Online Version 1.0

Geologic Map and Map Database of Parts of Marin, San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Sonoma Counties, California


M. C. Blake Jr., R.W. Graymer, and D.L. Jones

Digital Database by

Adam Soule and R.W. Graymer



This publication describes the evolution and distribution of geologic materials and structures in most of Marin and San Francisco Counties and surrounding areas, part of the San Francisco metropolitan area. The publication includes a geologic map and a pamphlet which discusses the geologic history, stratigraphy, and geologic structures of the area, including parts of the San Andreas Fault system. The discussion includes the development of Franciscan mélange, the source of serpentinite within Franciscan terranes, the development of the structural stacking of terranes within the Franciscan complex, and new estimates for Neogene offset on the Hayward Fault Zone. The publication also includes Arc-Info format map database (GIS) files that enable rapid manipulation and analysis of the geologic information.

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