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Seafloor Rocks and Sediments of the Continental Shelf From Monterey Bay to Point Sur, California

By Stephen L. Eittreim, Roberto J. Anima, Andrew J. Stevenson, and Florence L. Wong


Image of the geologic map
This map of the Central California seafloor shows the extensive outcrops of Santa Cruz Mudstone (brown color), Purisima Formation (red), and Monterey Formation (green) plus other rock units exposed on the continental shelf.


Acoustic swath mapping of the greater Monterey Bay area continental shelf from Point Año Nuevo to Point Sur reveals complex patterns of rock outcrops on the shelf, and coarse sand bodies that occur in distinct depressions on the inner and mid-shelves. This publication portrays the seafloor components in a 36- by 48-inch map sheet at 1:100,000 scale. The digital database for the interpreted geology and other digital files are listed below and available for download. The explanatory text appears on the map sheet and a copy (mf2345.txt) is included below.

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Files available for viewing and plotting:

mf2345sc.pdf PDF version of MF-2345, optimized for viewing the map on a computer (3.8 MB).

mf2345pr.pdf PDF version of MF-2345, optimized for printing on a large-scale plotter (5.6 MB).

mf2345.eps.gz PostScript file of MF-2345, for printing on large-scale plotters (for example, an HP2500); gzip compressed file. Scale 1:100,000 (7.5 MB).

Files related to the Digital Database MBGEOLSE

mbgeolse.gif View graphic of Arc/Info coverage MBGEOLSE (3 kb). Arc/Info coverage of rock units, contacts, and faults in seafloor materials layer of MF-2345; Arc/Info export format, gzip compressed file (4.9 MB).

mbgeolse.shd.e00 Arc/Info shadeset keyed to GRID-CODE item in mbgeolse; Arc/Info export format (5 kb).

mbgeolse.txt Description of the Arc/Info coverage MBGEOLSE in plain text (9 kb).

mbgeolsemet.txt FGDC-compliant metadata file for coverage mbgeolse as plain text, web page, and in frequently-asked-questions format (22 kb).

mbgeolsemet.html (32 kb).

mbgeolsemetfaq.html (28 kb).

For questions about the scientific content of this report, contact Roberto Anima
For questions about the digital database, contact Florence L. Wong

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