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U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF–2394

Geologic Map of Clayhole Wash and Vicinity, Mohave County, Northwestern Arizona


George H. Billingsley, Susan S. Priest, and Stephanie L. Dudash

image of geologic map of Hidden Hills and vicinity, Mohave County, northwestern Arizona
This illustration is a .gif nonnavigable image of the USGS geologic-map plot of the Clayhole Wash and vicinity, Mojave County, northwestern Arizona. A full-size, navigable map graphic can be plotted from the PostScript file (cwmap.eps). Note: The full-size plot is approximately 42 by 52 inches, requires a large-format plotter, and is best reproduced at 600 (or greater) dpi.

Files Available for Downloading
File Name Description File Size
Files for viewing and plotting
cwmap.pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) file of the map sheet for viewing onscreen 3.7 MB
cwmap.eps.gz Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) version (compressed using gzip) of the map sheet for plotting on a large-format plotter; size: 42 x 52 inches 3.9 MB
(28.5 MB uncompressed)
cwgeo.pdf PDF file of the accompanying map pamphlet for viewing and printing 136 kB
cwgeo.txt ASCII text file of accompanying map pamphlet 64 kB Zip file containing two PDF files: the map sheet and the accompanying pamphlet 2.8 MB Zip file containing two files: the map sheet as an EPS file and the accompanying pamphlet as a Microsoft Word document 4.4 MB
Metadata and Readme files
readme.txt ASCII text file explaining the contents of the digital database and all the other files that make up this publication 8 kB
mf2394.met.txt FGDC-compliant metadata for the database 32 kB
Data Zip-file compilation of all files necessary to recreate the database, originally assembled in Arc/Info. Included is an AML file called import.aml that will automatically import the Arc export files making up this database package 10.6 MB ArcMp style for map colors and symbolizing data 552 kB Shapefiles and readme describing content of each file 15.5 MB
(32.1 MB uncompressed)

For questions about the content of this report, contact Sue Priest.

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