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Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-2428

Maps Showing Sedimentary Basins, Surface Thermal Maturity, and Indications of Petroleum in the Central Alaska Province

By Sandra M. Troutman and Richard G. Stanley

This publication includes two maps (at 1:2,500,000 scale) and a pamphlet that describe sedimentary basins, surface thermal maturity, and 95 reported occurrences of petroleum in natural seeps, wells, and rock outcrops in central Alaska.

No commercial petroleum production has been obtained from central Alaska, in contrast to the prolific deposits of oil and gas that have been found and developed in northern Alaska and the Cook Inlet region. Nevertheless, confirmed indications of petroleum in central Alaska include (1) natural seeps of methane gas on the Yukon Delta; (2) occurrences of methane gas in wells in the Bethel, Kotzebue, Nenana, Northway, and Yukon Flats basins; (3) oil and methane gas in seeps and wells in Norton Sound; (4) small quantities of liquid and solid hydrocarbons associated with mercury ore in the Kuskokwim Mountains; (5) oil shale and numerous occurrences of bitumen in the Kandik area; and (6) tasmanite, a form of oil shale, in the uplands north of Yukon Flats.


File Name
File Type and Description
File Size
Readme file that explains how to use the digital database
200 Kb
Text file of the FGDC-compliant metadata for iop.e00
68 Kb
Text file of the FGDC-compliant metadata for faults.e00
72 Kb
Text file of the FGDC-compliant metadata for seds_basins.e00
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Point coverage showing indications of petroleum within the central Alaska province boundaries. This coverage has an associated Point Attribute Table (PAT)

56 Kb

Line coverage showing major faults and geologic structures in Alaska. This coverage has an associated Arc Attribute Table (AAT).

536 Kb
Polygon coverage of Sedimentary basins in Alaska. This coverage has an associated Arc Attribute Table (AAT), which contains no data, and Polygon Attribute Table (PAT).
3.3 MB
PDF file of map sheet that can be used for viewing map in a browser, as well as for plotting. Map is approximately 36 x 52 inches.
11 MB
Pamphlet file listing descriptions of reported indications of petroleum in central Alaska (20 pages).
1.1 MB
Folder containing higher-resolution version of the ten figures used in this publication
268 MB

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