Ground-water quality data from the Northern Mississippi embayment - Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi

U.S. Geological Survey, Open File Report 85-683

by J.V. Brahana, T.O. Mesko, J.F. Busby and T.F. Kraemer

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Forty-five analyses of ground-water quality from 42 selected wells in the McNairy-Nacatoch-Ripley and lower Wilcox aquifers of the northern Mississippi embayment have been compiled as part of the Gulf Coast Regional Aquifer System Analysis (RASA) project of the U.S. Geological Survey. Thirty-seven wells were sampled during the period October 1983 to September 1984 specifically for this RASA study; three of these wells were sampled twice. Five wells were sampled during the period January 1981 to March 1985 for other projects. All 45 analyses are included herein as a single data base that will be used for geochemical modeling of mineral saturation and mass transfer in the McNairy-Nacatoch-Ripley aquifer.

The report contains two figures, six tables of data, and a brief documentation of the methods used for sample collection and analysis. The figures are maps showing locations of sampling sites for each of the two aquifers. The tables of data include (1) well descriptions and (2) concentrations of major constituents, trace constituents, dissolved gases, stable and unstable isotopes of low mass (C, H, 0, and S>, and unstable isotopes of high mass (Rn, Ra, and U).

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