Geographic Information System Index for the State of Tennessee

U.S. Geological Survey, Open-File Report -

by W.R. Barron, Jr., and P.G. Norris

Table of Contents




Purpose and scope

What is a Geographic Information System?

Why use a Geographic Information System?

Description of the survey and the resulting data base

Address datafile

Map datafile

Equipment datafile

GIS-system datafile

Project datafile

Coverage datafile

Location-specific data base datafile

Uncomputerized information datafile

GIS potential datafile

Conversion software datafile

Improvements to the survey and data base

Summary of GIS survey results


United States national map accuracy standards

Guidelines for acceptance of digital cartographic base data into the national digital cartographic data base

Data communication techniques

Map coverage retrievals from the GIS index data base

Observed trends and needs of GIS systems in Tennessee




Selected references

Appendix A: GIS survey forms

Appendix B: Acquisition of paper maps and digital data

Appendix C: Guidelines for initiating a GIS





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