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HCDN: A U.S. Geological Survey streamflow data set for the United States
for the study of climate variations, 1874 - 1988
USGS Open-File Report 92-129
By J.R. Slack and Jureate Maciunas Landwehr


This work has come to fruition under the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Global Change Hydrology Program. We would like to acknowledge the many people who have assisted in the development of the Hydro-Climatic Data Network (HCDN). Without the efforts of the following individuals, the HCDN could not have been constructed as it now exists:

Alabama: James L. Pearman, and Hillary H. Jeffcoat;
Alaska: Robert D. Lamke;
Arizona: Hjalmar W. Hjalmarson;
Arkansas: Terrance E. Lamb, Sharon Tauschner, and Braxton Neely;
California: Ronald P. Fogelman and Richard A. Hunrichs;
Colorado: Harold E. Petsch, Jr.;
Connecticut: Michael A. Cervione, Jr.;
Delaware: Robert H. Simmons;
Florida: Wayne C. Bridges;
Georgia: William R. Stokes, III, Timothy C. Stamey, and Jeffrey T. Armbruster;
Hawaii and Pacific Islands: Iwao M. Matsuoka;
Idaho: William A. Harenberg;
Illinois: Kevin A. Oberg, Jesse Sterling, David A. Stedfast, and Wayne Curtis;
Indiana: Ronald E. Thompson, Jr. and Dale Glatfelter;
Iowa: Scott P. Kluesner, Norwood B. Melcher, Delmer J. O'Connell, and Philip J. Soenksen;
Kansas: Paul R. Jordan;
Kentucky: Harry C. Rollins, Jennifer D. Pruitt, Kevin J. Ruhl, James M. Bettandorff, and Saundra J. Couts;
Louisiana: George J. Arcement, L.J. Dantin, and Frederick Lee;
Maine: William P. Bartlett, Jr. and Scott A. Olson;
Maryland: Robert W. James Jr.;
Massachusetts: Russell A. Gadoury, George Peters, and S. William Wandle, Jr.;
Michigan: Stephen P. Blumer;
Minnesota: George H. Carlson, Gregory Mitton, and Kurt T. Gunard;
Mississippi: Michael L. Plunkett, George E. Peters, and E.J. Tharpe;
Missouri: Loyd A. Waite;
Montana: Ronald R. Shields and Melvin K. White;
Nebraska: Glenn B. Engel;
Nevada: Robert E. Bostic and Otto M. Moosburner;
New England District: Robert E. Hammond;
New Hampshire: Kenneth W. Toppin and Frank Blackey;
New Jersey: Robert D. Schopp;
New Mexico:John P. Borland and Robert L. Gold;
New York :James B. Campbell, Gary D. Firda, Carolyn O. Szabo; Richard Lumia, William F. Coon, and J. Josh Gilbert;
North Carolina: Robert R. Mason and Thomas J. Zembrzuski;
North Dakota: Norman D. Haffield, Russell E. Harkness, and Gregg J. Wiche;
Ohio: Harold L. Shindel and Gregory F. Koltun;
Oklahoma: Leland D. Hauth, Joanne K. Kurklin, and Darrell M. Walters;
Oregon: Gary L. Gallino, Lawrence E. Hubbard, and Suzanne J. Miller;
Pennsylvania: Clayton D. Kauffman, Jr., Joanne V. Irvin, James R. Kolva, Herbert N. Flippo, Jr., Robert A. Hainly, and Joseph B. Lescinsky;
Puerto Rico and Caribbean Islands: Russell E. Curtis and Zaida I. Aquino;
Rhode Island: Virginia A. de Lima, Herbert Johnston, and David C. Dickerman;
South Carolina: Theodore W. Cooney and Curtis S. Bennett III;
South Dakota: Rick D. Benson;
Tennessee: Jerry F. Lowery;
Texas: H. Doug Buckner and Bernie C. Massey;
Utah: Darrell D. Carlson and Rulon Christensen;
Virginia: Byron J. Prugh, Jr.;
Vermont: Kenneth W. Toppin and Frank Blackey;
Washington: Scott M. Knowles;
West Virginia: G. Scott Runner;
Wisconsin: William R. Krug and Gary W. Gill; and
Wyoming: Stanley A. Druse and Sharon L. Green.

We also thank Carol I. Lewis for making the retrievals from the National Water Data Storage and Retrieval System (WATSTORE) on the USGS mainframe computer in Reston, Virginia, and Timothy C. Stamey of the Georgia District Office who assisted us with retrievals from each District's data base, via the Automated Data Processing System (ADAPS) on the USGS Distributed Information System Network.

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