Open-File Report 93-693

General Distribution Of Geologic Materials In The Southern San Francisco Bay Region, California: A Digital Map Database

Digitally compiled by Carl M. Wentworth

Note - This Open-File Report has been superseded by Open-File Report 97-744

View the database explanation pamphlet as an unformatted, text-only file: ssfb_m1.ReadMe.txt (3 KB)


The digital database is available for GIS users in ARC/INFO 6.x coverage format. Those who download digital data should also download the descriptive pamphlet (ssfb_m1.ReadMe.txt).

The data have been archived using tar, then compressed with UNIX compression. File sizes (in parentheses) are for the gzip-compressed download file, followed by the size of the file when uncompressed.

To download the geologic map data, select the following:

  • ssfb_m1.tar.Z (3.5 MB)

    button-sized photo of Golden Gate Bridge

    For more information on the geology
    of the San Francisco Bay region:
    Visit the sfgeo website

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