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Sources of Geologic and Hydrologic Information Pertinent to Ground-Water Resources in Rhode Island

Open-File Report 93-464

By Elaine C. Todd Trench


This report summarizes sources of geologic and hydrologic information useful to water managers and others involved in the investigation, appraisal, development, and protection of ground-water resources in Rhode Island. The geographic scope of the report includes Rhode Island and small adjoining areas of Massachusetts and Connecticut, where drainage basins are shared with these States. The information summarized is found in maps and reports prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey and published by either the U.S. Geological Survey or by the State of Rhode Island. Information sources are presented in maps and tables.  

Reference maps show drainage divides, town lines, and the 7.5-minute grid of latitude and longitude for the State. Maps show availability of surficial geologic maps, bedrock geologic maps, and ground-water studies by 7.5-minute quadrangle, and show availability of ground-water studies by drainage basin, subbasin, and special study area.  

Sources of geologic and hydrologic information for the thirty-seven 7.5-minute quadrangles covering Rhode Island have been compiled based on the following information categories: surficial geology, bedrock geology, subsurface materials, altitude of bedrock surface, water-table altitudes, water-table contours, saturated thickness, hydraulic conductivity, transmissivity, drainage divides, recharge areas, ground-water reservoirs, induced infiltration, and ground-water quality. A table for each of the 37 quadrangles lists the major categories of information available for that quadrangle, provides references to the publications in which the information can be found, and indicates the format, scale, and other pertinent attributes of the information. A table organized by report series gives full citations for publications prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey pertaining to the geology and hydrology of Rhode Island. To facilitate location of information for particular municipalities, a table lists cities and towns in the State and the quadrangles that cover each municipality.




Purpose and scope

Previous studies 


Rhode Island's physical and hydrogeologic setting 

Sources of geologic and hydrologic information

Sources of information presented in maps

Sources of information presented in tables

Selected references



1,2. Maps showing:

1. Major physical and cultural features of Rhode Island 

2. Rhode Island's major drainage basins, including basins shared with adjacent States

3,4. Block diagrams showing:

3. Generalized hydrologic cycle 

4. Typical hydrogeologic setting in glaciated terrain 

5-11. Maps of Rhode Island showing:

5. Distribution of ground-water reservoirs

6. Major drainage-basin boundaries and town lines

7. Town lines and 7.5-minute quadrangle boundaries 

8. Major drainage-basin boundaries and 7.5-minute quadrangle boundaries 

9. Availability of surficial and bedrock geologic maps by quadrangle 

10. Availability of ground-water studies for quadrangles 

11. Availability of ground-water studies for drainage basins, subbasins, and special study areas

12. Map showing availability of ground-water studies for subbasins and special study areas in the Pawcatuck River Basin 


1. List of 7.5-minute topographic quadrangles covering Rhode Island, showing date of publication

2. List of Rhode Island cities and towns showing 7.5-minute quadrangles covering each municipality

3. Types of geologic and hydrologic information for which sources are summarized in tables 4-40 for quadrangles in Rhode Island

4-40. Geologic and hydrologic information for Rhode Island quadrangles 

4. Ashaway Quadrangle 

5. Attleboro Quadrangle 

6. Blackstone Quadrangle

7. Block Island Quadrangle

8. Bristol Quadrangle 

9. Carolina Quadrangle

10. Chepachet Quadrangle 

11. Clayville Quadrangle

12. Coventry Center Quadrangle

13. Crompton Quadrangle 

14. East Greenwich Quadrangle

15. East Killingly Quadrangle

16. East Providence Quadrangle 

17. Fall River Quadrangle 

18. Franklin Quadrangle 

19. Georgiaville Quadrangle 

20. Hope Valley Quadrangle 

21. Kingston Quadrangle 

22. Mystic Quadrangle 

23. Narragansett Pier Quadrangle 

24. Newport Quadrangle 

25. North Scituate Quadrangle 

26. Oneco Quadrangle 

27. Oxford Quadrangle 

28. Pawtucket Quadrangle 

29. Providence Quadrangle 

30. Prudence Island Quadrangle

31. Quonochontaug Quadrangle 

32. Sakonnet Point Quadrangle

33. Slocum Quadrangle 

34. Thompson Quadrangle 

35. Tiverton Quadrangle 

36. Uxbridge Quadrangle

37. Voluntown Quadrangle 

38. Watch Hill Quadrangle 

39. Westport Quadrangle 

40. Wickford Quadrangle 

41. List of publications, by report series, pertaining to the geology and hydrology of Rhode Island


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PDF version of report (7.1 MB)--103 pages

The citation for this report, in USGS format, is as follows:

Trench, Elaine C. Todd,  Sources of Geologic and Hydrologic Information Pertinent to Ground-Water Resources in Rhode Island: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 93-464, 98 p.

For more information about USGS activities in Massachusetts-Rhode Island District, visit the USGS Massachusetts-Rhode Island Home Page.

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