Ground-Water Quality for Grainger County, Tennessee

U.S. Geological Survey, Open-File Report 93-365

by Jess D. Weaver, Anant R. Patel, and Andrew C. Hickey

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The residents of Grainger County depend on ground water for many of their dally needs including personal consumption and crop irrigation. To address concerns associated with ground-water quality related to domestic use, the U.S. Geological Survey collected water samples from 35 wells throughout the county during the summer 1992. The water samples were analyzed to determine if pesticides, nutrients, bacteria, and other selected constituents were present in the ground water. Wells selected for the study were between 100 and 250 feet deep and yielded 10 to 50 gallons of water per minute. Laboratory analyses of the water found no organic pesticides at concentrations exceeding the primary maximum contaminant levels established by the State of Tennessee for wells used for public supply. However, fecal coliform bacteria were detected at concentrations exceeding the State's maximum contaminant level in water from 15 of the 35 wells sampled. Analyses also showed several inorganic compounds were present in the water samples at concentrations exceeding the secondary maximum contaminant level.

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