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U.S. Geological Survey Open-file Report 94-255
Online Version 1.0

The Southern Lake Michigan Coastal Erosion Study CD-ROM

By C.F. Polloni1, C.L. Brown2, D.W. Folger1, D.S. Foster1, and A.L. Brill3

Display software by Russell A. Ambroziak4
Documentation by Christine A. Cook4

1U.S. Geological Survey, Woods Hole, MA 02543
2U.S. Forest Service, Jacksonville, OR 97530
3Duke University, Durham, NC 27708
4U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA 22092


The following maps and data are included on this CD-ROM:

  1. A general map (Fig. 1) showing the Great Lakes region and the southern Lake Michigan study area. Ship tracks, along which bathymetric, sidescan sonar, and high-resolution seismic reflection data were collected, can be displayed, as well as offshore core locations.
  2. A bathymetric contour map (Fig. 2) of the southern Lake Michigan survey area prepared using data aquired from this study and from the National Ocean Survey's digital data base. Contours are in meters. Low-resolution contours have 10 m intervals; high-resolution coutours have 5 m intervals.
  3. Map (Fig. 3) showing location and composition (sand, silt, clay, and gravel) of bottom sediment samples, and the thickness and distribution of postglacial sediments.
  4. A collection of digital and scanned analog sidescan-sonar images and mosaics (Fig. 4) depicting the sonic reflectivity (geologic makeup) of the lakefloor. Each image can be viewed at expanded scales using the software provided.
  5. A reference map (Fig. 5) showing sites of scanned color photo- graphs, areas of bluff erosion, and scanned analog seismic reflection profiles from selected core sites. Seismic profiles include interpretive line drawings of the stratigraphy. Each image may be displayed, at expanded scales, when selected from it's location on the map in relation to ship tracks which indicate where the data was collected.


Several DOS subdirectories are contained on this CD-ROM. Their names and the information they contain are listed below:

      \IGSMAP - Illinois State Geological Survey Arc/Info map coverages.

      \IGSPRO - Illinois State Geological Survey Beach profiles in Arc/Info

      \BASEMAP - This subdirectory contains the geologic map data and
        other information which include ships track, bathymetry, lines
        and polygons showing the distribution and thickness of major
        sediment types, seismic profiles, and photographs.

      \DOSMENU  - This  subdirectory  contains  all  the   software 
        required to support the menu system used when running under a 
        DOS system.  This menu system is typically invoked by issuing 
        the command 'SLMMAP' from the user's root directory after
        performing an install.

      \DOCFILES  - This  subdirectory contains the  ASCII  document 
        files for this CD-ROM.  These files include:

           ACKNOWL.DOC  - This file provides acknowledgments of the 
           producers of this CD-ROM disc as well as of the  sources 
           of the data contained on this disc.

           AUTHORS.DOC  - This file lists the authors of this  Open 
           File CD-ROM.

           BATHY.DOC  - This file provides technical information on 
           the bathymetric data contained on the disc. 

           CONTACTS.DOC - This file provides a list of contacts for 
           additional   information  on  this  CD-ROM,   the   U.S. 
           Geological Survey's CD-ROM Support Center,  and the data 
           contained on this disc.

           CONTENTS.DOC  - This file contains a description of  the 
           contents  of  the various subdirectories on this  CD-ROM 

           DISCLAIM.DOC  - This  file contains the  disclaimer  for 
           this CD-ROM.

           GETSTART.DOC   - This   file  contains  a   step-by-step 
           explanation  of the use of the CD-ROM display  software. 
           Upon completion of this brief tutorial,  the user should 
           have a good working knowledge of how to select, display, 
           and output data from this CD-ROM.

           IMVIS.DOC  - This file describes the DOS program IMVIS
           which is used to view color and grey scale images.

           INTRODOC.DOC  - This file contains a brief introduction to 
           this CD-ROM and some information on how it was constructed.

           KLEIN.DOC - This file  provides technical information on 
           the Klein image data contained on the disc. 

           MAPPER.DOC  - This file describes the DOS program MAPPER
           which is used to view earth registered color polygons,
           points, and vector linework overlays.

           OVERVIEW.DOC  - This file is the primary text describing
           the entire project as a whole.  It is the pre-press
           version of the paper published in the Journal for International
           Great Lakes Research (Folger and others, 1994).  This document 
           includes four figures which are similar but not the same as
           the figures in the published document.

           REFERENC.DOC  - This  file lists the references cited in 
           the documentation contained on this CD-ROM. 

           REGISTER.DOC - This file contains a registration form by 
           which  a user can elect to receive announcements of  new 
           CD-ROM  releases  and of updates to  previous  releases. 
           This  form also provides a vehicle for  suggestions  and 
           feedback to the USGS on the current disc.
           VIEWLBL.DOC - Documentation and tutorial for VIEWLBL program          

      \FRMWRK -  The framework group directory.  Contains directories
           and archive files for this project group.  A directory was
           made for each contributer.

            \FOLGER  - D. Folger
            \FOSTER  - D. Foster
            \POLLONI - C. Polloni
            \SHABICA - C. Shabica

      \LAKLEVEL - The lakelevel group directory.  Contains directories
           and archive files for this project group.

            \COLMAN  - S. Colman
            \FORESTER- R. Forester
            \THOMPSON- T. Thompson

      \NAVTRACK - Cruise navigation data, an archive for the principle
           ship tracks performed during study.

      \PROCESS -  The process group directory.  Contains directories
           and archive files for this project group.

            \JBOOTH  - J. Booth
            \KEMPEMA - E. Kempema
            \MCCORMIC- M. McCormick
            \OLYPHANT- G. Olyphant

      \SOFTWARE - This subdirectory contains executable versions of 
        the display software and other related processing routines. 

      \SOURCE  - This  subdirectory contains the C language  source 
        and  object  code for the various software routines developed
        for use on this  CD-ROM. 

      \TARDIR - Tar file directory containing miscellaneous tar format
        archives.  The tar format is a common format used with UNIX
        computers to archive files and directory structures.  

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