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Appendix 1. Key to Black Rock Core Log.

Key to Grain size codes:

  vcs            very coarse sand
  cs             coarse sand
  c/mds          coarse to medium sand
  s              sand
  mds            medium sand
  md/fs          medium to fine sand
  fs             fine sand
  f/vfs          fine to very fine sand
  vfs            very fine sand
  sm             sandy mud
  very mfs       very muddy fine sand
  vfsm           very fine sandy mud
  fsm            fine sandy mud
  mdsm           medium sandy mud
  csm            coarse sandy mud
  f/mdsm         fine to medium sandy mud
  mc/md/fs       muddy coarse to medium to fine sand
  mmds           muddy medium sand
  ms             muddy sand
  mfs            muddy fine sand
  mmd/fs         muddy medium to fine sand
  mf/vfs         muddy fine to very fine sand
  mvfs           muddy very fine sand
  m              mud
  org. m         organic mud
  c/mdssi        coarse to medium sandy silt
  si/vfs         silt to very fine sand
  sism           silty sandy mud
  sim            silty mud
  si             silt
  c              clay
  carb.          carbonate

Key to color codes:

  N8             white
  N7             light gray
  N6             gray
  N5             gray
  N4             dark gray
  N3             very dark gray
  10yr6/4        light yellowish brown
  10yr6/3        pale brown
  10yr6/2        light brownish gray
  10yr5/6        yellowish brown
  10yr5/4        yellowish brown
  10yr5/3        brown
  10yr4/4        dark yellowish brown
  10yr4/3        brown
  10yr4/2        dark grayish brown
  7.5yr7/2       pinkish gray
  7.5yr6/4       light brown
  7.5yr6/3       light brown
  7.5yr6/2       pinkish gray
  7.5yr5/6       strong brown
  7.5yr5/4       brown
  7.5yr5/3       brown
  7.5yr4/6       strong brown
  7.5yr4/4       dark brown
  7.5yr4/3       dark brown
  5yr5/4         reddish brown
  5yr4/5         red-yellowish brown
  5yr4/4         reddish brown
  2.5yr6/2       pale red
  2.5yr5/4       reddish brown
  5y7/3          pale yellow
  5y7/2          light gray
  5y7/1          light gray
  5y6/3          pale olive
  5y6/2          light olive gray
  5y5/4          olive
  5y5/3          olive
  5y5/2          olive gray
  2.5y8/1        white
  2.5y6/3        light yellowish brown
  2.5y6/2        light brownish gray
  2.5y5/4        light olive brown
  2.5y5/3        light olive brown
  5g5/1          greenish gray

Bedding & miscellaneous:

  fb        finely bedded (5-8 mm thick)
  lam       laminated (< 5 mm thick)
  ssd       soft-sediment deformation
  org       organic
  gyp       gypsum
  sel       selenite
  pyr       pyrite

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