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USGS Open-File Report 95-001

Notes On the Hypertext version of U.S.G.S Open-File Report 95-1

This on-line document is an adaptation of a print-edition Open File Report and differs from the original.

Figures from the report have been modified from printed form to make them more readable on a computer screen. In some cases detail is reduced. Postscript versions of the original figures are provided to download and print.


1) This document is designed to be viewed with automatic loading of graphic images enabled. Only small "thumbnail" images will be loaded automatically. Full-sized graphics will only be loaded if the user activates the link by clicking on the thumbnail image or the title link to the image.

2) Appendicies are provided in tab-delimited text format. Due to inconsistencies between web browsers, it is impossible to produce data tables that will display properly on all browsers. Selecting the link to one of these tables will download the file to your system. Use a spreadsheet or database program to view the file.

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