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Torresan, M.E., Hampton, M.A., Gowen, M.H., Barber, Jr., J.H., Zink, L.L., Chase, T.E., Wong, F.L., Gann, J.T., and Dartnell, P., 1995, Final report: acoustic mapping of dredged material disposal sites and deposits in Mamala Bay, Honolulu, Hawaii: U.S. Geological Survey Open-file Report 95-17.

Plate 1. Sidescan sonar mosaic, detailed bathymetry, and sediment sample sites, Mamala Bay, Honolulu, Hawaii. Mercator Projection, [originally] 1:40,000 scale. Bathymetry from Chase and others (1994). Contour interval of isobaths is 10 meters. Location of sediment cores collected in 1994 in yellow (Torresan and others, 1994b). South Oahu disposal site (orange box) and the former Honolulu Harbor disposal site (orange circle).

Click on a tile to see an enlargement. (Largest files are about 200kb.)

 [mosiac of side-scan sonar data with bathymetry and sample locations]

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