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William D. Watson, John K. Tully, Edward Moser, David P. Dee, Karen Bryant, Richard Schall, and Harold A. Allan

U.S. Geological Survey OpenFile Report 95-631

Documentation - Coal Resources in Environmentally-Sensitive Lands

Plate 1. - Alaska: Coal in Federal Land Preserves
Plate 2. - Coal Fields, National Park System, and National Recreation Areas
Plate 3. - Coal Fields and The National Wild and Scenic Rivers System
Plate 4. - Coal Fields and The National Wilderness Preservation System
Plate 5. - Coal Fields and National Wildlife Refuges
Plate 6. - Coal Fields and The National System of Trails
Plate 7. - Coal Fields, National Forests, and National Grasslands
Plate 8. - Coal Fields and Rural National Historic Sites

Plates 1-8 are available in a compressed (.zip) PowerPoint format [2.5 MB] or self-extracting compressed (.exe) PowerPoint format [2.5 MB].

The original Open-File Report 95-631 was accompanied by several computer diskettes containing a total of 11 ".zip" files. For the purpose of distributing these files, they have been condensed into a single ".zip" file available for download. The data itself are in eight Microsoft Powerpoint™ slides in a single presentation. Use PKUNZIP to decompress files. It is recommended that one should consult the Powerpoint™ and printing or plotting device documentation before attempting to plot or print directly from the ".ppt" file.

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