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Sediment Magnetic and Paleomagnetic Data from Buck Lake, Oregon

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-673
Version 1.0

By Joseph G. Rosenbaum, Richard L. Reynolds, Priscilla L. Fitzmaurice, John Drexler, C. Gene Whitney, and David. P. Adam


Sediment magnetic and paleomagnetic studies were conducted on a core from Buck Lake, Klamath County, Oregon, that was collected as part of an investigation into the Quaternary climate history of the western United States. This report documents the methods used to obtain paleomagnetic directions, magnetic properties, and ancillary data, and presents these data in tabular form. Adam (1993) and Adam and others (1994) describe the site, the drilling methods, and lithology of the lacustrine sediments. Rosenbaum and others (1994) present preliminary interpretations of the sediment magnetic data and show that variations in magnetic properties closely reflect changes in climate as interpreted from the pollen record.


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