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Open-File Report 96-501
Online Version 1.2

Mining Properties in Montana That Were Involved in the DMA, DMEA, OME Mineral Exploration Programs, 1950-1974

Thor Kiilsgaard



This report presents information on the Defense Minerals Administration (DMA), Defense Minerals Exploration Administration (DMEA), and Office of Minerals Exploration (OME) mineral exploration programs in Montana. Under these programs, the federal government participated in the exploration costs for certain strategic and critical minerals. Federal funds for mineral exploration under the programs were available from 1950 to 1974, although limited funds for OME administrative work were continued until 1979.

The report reviews the three programs, associated regulations, administrative procedures, and operational techniques. It also describes the various types of informative reports on individual mining properties generated by the programs, lists properties in Montana that were involved in the different exploration programs, and advises on the location of compiled information that resulted from the work.

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