Hydrologic Data for Wetland Sites at Millington, Shelby County, and Huntingdon, Carroll, Tennessee, May 1994 through September 1995

U.S. Geological Survey, Open-File Report 96-468

by J.A. Robinson and T.H. Diehl

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Hydrologic data at two wetland sites near Millington and Huntingdon in West Tennessee were collected to assist efforts by the Tennessee Department of Transportation to determine hydrologic conditions at the sites prior to wetland restoration. The Millington site is located along the Big Creek Drainage Canal east of State Route 240. Water levels were monitored in thirteen 8-inch-diameter wells from July 1994 through September 1995. Water-level recorders provided continuous measurement of water level during periods of wetland inundation and depth to water table during periods of noninundation. A crest-stage indicator and a continuous-stage recorder were installed to monitor surface-water fluctuation. Precipitation data were recorded to determine timing and duration of rainfall events. Land surface at the wells was inundated from 0 to 48 percent of the study period. Additionally, water levels at the wells were within 1.5 feet of the land surface from 0 to 56 percent of the study period.

The Huntingdon study site is located along the Crooked Creek Drainage Canal at State Route 22. Ground-water levels were monitored in two wells (wells W-l and W-2) with continuous water-level recorders from May 1994 through September 1995. Water levels did not rise above land surface at either well during the study. Water levels at wells W- 1 and W-2 were within 1.5 feet of the land surface 46 and 50 percent of the study period, respectively. Surface-water stage was monitored at a pond on the mitigation site.

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