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Tables--because of their small font size the numbers identifying the sites referred to in the tables are not distinguishable on the web image versions of Plate 1. Please refer to the paper print of Plate 1 (included with the report) or download a high resolution version of Plate 1 (available in postscript and Arc/Info formats) from this site at "".
Table 2-Rainfall for June 27, 1995 storm in Madison County and adjacent areas. Period of storm 
measurement approximately coincides with rainfall beginning after midnight (6/27); rainfall 
generally ceased by 4 pm (6/27). Rainfall information collected from various sources by Scott 
Eaton, Ben Morgan, and Gerald Wieczorek.  Locations are indicated on figure 1 and Plate 1 by 
number (#).

#	Location			County	    24-hr storm	  Source of Information
                                                      total (in)
1	Camp Shiloh			Madison		18.50a		Rex Riley
2	Wolftown			Madison		11.50		Bob Tanner
3	White Walnut Run		Madison		21.00		Carol Bratton
4	Syria				Madison		15.75		J.A. Parker
5	Deep Hollow			Madison		15.60		Henry Aylor
6	Big Meadows			Madison		  8.50		Shenandoah Natl Park
7	Kinsey Run			Madison		30.50		G.C./Rose Dowdy
8	Rapidan Ranch		        Madison		30.50		Bryant Pough
9	Quaker Run			Madison		26.00		Bob Knightning
10	Flattop Ridge			Madison		30.00		Dan Berry
11	German Ridge		        Madison		22-23		Robert Smith
12	Aroda				Madison		 7.00a		David/Mary Kipps
13	Brightwood			Madison		 8.00		Bill Boyd
14	Etlan				Madison		14.00		Morrie Jenkins
15	Kinderhook			Madison		24.00		Elvin/Betty Taylor
16	Pocosin Hollow		        Greene		22.00		Jack Naylor
17	Fletcher Cemetery		Greene		22.00		Dropers
18	Stanardsville			Greene		 3.90		Steve Powell
19	South River Church		Greene		18-20c		Tommy Shelton
20	Goodall Mtn.			Greene		22-23c		Norm Shwartz
21	Burtonville			Greene		12-13c		John Carl Lamb
22	Lower Pocosin Mission	        Greene		11-12c		Clinton Powell
23	Sperryville			Rappahannock	 4.60	        Dennis Wingfield
24	Battle Creek			Page		 0.92		Melvin Miller
25	Lewis Mtn Campground	        Page	         3.00		IFLOWSb
26	Ida				Page		 2.44		IFLOWSb
27	Griffinsburg			Culpeper	 4.20		Jim Hoffman
28	Reva				Culpeper	 7.00		Bob Williamson
29	Harriston			Augusta		 2.10		Ken Munson
30	Swift Run Gap		        Rockingham	 1.52		IFLOWSb

18.50a- minimum rainfall total for which gage overflowed
IFLOWSb-Virginia Department of Environmental Sciences
18-20c- range of value reported; average value of range was used for isohyetal map logo