Open-File Report 97-30

Geologic Map of the Monterey and Seaside 7.5-minute Quadrangles, Monterey County, California: A Digital Database

By: Joseph C. Clark, William R. Dupre, and Lewis I. Rosenberg

View README file in text format: mo-se_db.txt (20KB)
Download README file formatted in Postscript: (300KB)

View geologic explanation in text format: mo-se_geo.txt (80KB)
Download geologic explanation formatted in Postscript: (1.4 MB) Download geologic explanation as a PDF file: mo-se_geo.pdf (176kB)


Download a compressed tarfile (added zip choice in 2007) containing the geologic database, consisting of the datasets in ARC/INFO 7.x uncompressed Export format (ASCII .e00 files), and the above README and geologic explanation files (in both text and PS):


Download a compressed tarfile containing three Postscript plottable files, including the geologic map sheet at a scale of 1:24,000, the accompanying map explanation sheet, and the geologic explanation file (same as, above): Download the two plottable map sheets as individual uncompressed Postscript files (these are larger files but do not require the use of tar and uncompression utilities): Download the two plottable map sheets as individual uncompressed PDF files:

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