U.S. Geological Survey
Open-File Report 97-270

Preliminary Geologic Map of the Sunland 7.5' Quadrangle, Southern California: A Digital Database

Compiled by R.F. Yerkes


Photograph of the Sunland and Tujunga communities from the east showing the San Gabriel Mountains in the background.
The communities of Sunland and Tujunga viewed to east with the 1288 m high Camelsback (left) and 1538 m high Mt. Lukens (right) as a backdrop. Big Tujunga Canyon and the San Gabriel Mountains are at the left edge of this photograph. Photograph courtesy Verdugo Hills High School.

Files available for downloading:

ReadMe file: sunlnd.txt Unformatted documentation file describing content and formats of this publication (18 kb).

ReadMe file: as a PostScript file (880 kb).

Geologic map database (spatial and attribute GIS) files:
Download all the geologic database layers and supporting materials in ARC/INFO 7.x ASCII EXPORT format, and all of the documentation files, packaged in a single UNIX tar file, compressed with gzip: - sunlnd.tar.gz that includes all the geologic map database layers listed below (18.7 MB download, 77.4 MB uncompressed).

Download individual database layers in ARC/INFO 7.x ASCII EXPORT format, each layer compressed with gzip:

Geology - sl-geol.e00.gz Faults, contacts and geologic units (192 kb download, 736 kb uncompressed).

Structure - sl-strc.e00.gz Attitudes and fold axes (24 kb download, 208 kb uncompressed).

Wells - sl-wells.e00.gz Exploratory oil wells (4 kb download, 14 kb uncompressed).

Composite base map - sl-topo.e00.gz Composite quadrangle base map layer in vector format (18.1 MB download, 75.6 MB uncompressed).

For questions about the scientific content of this report, contact John Tinsley

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