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USGS Certificate of Analysis
Coal, Lower Bakerstown CLB-1

USGS Openfile Report 97-299

This report is preliminary and has not been reviewed for conformity to U.S. Geological Survey editorial standards and stratigraphic nomenclature.

The medium volatile bituminous coal used in the preparation of this USGS reference material was collected in 1982 from the Lower Bakerstown coal bed under the direction of Paul C. Lyons. All values are reported on a whole coal basis.

Recommended Element Concentrations are derived using at least three independent methods of analysis from a minimum of two independent laboratories. Statistical treatment of the data uses the procedures outlined in previous USGS publications (Kane and others, 1990).

Information Values are presented when less than three independent methods of analysis were used to determine the final concentration. Standard deviations are provided when at least three independent laboratories reported values in statistical agreement.

Recommended Values

Oxide Wt. %   Oxide g/g   Element g/g   Element g/g
Fe2O3T 1.25 0.05   MgO 470 30   Ba 34 5   Pb 5.1 0.7
CaO 0.22 0.01   Na2O 230 22   Ce 10 1.6   Rb 5.2 0.9
        K2O 760 50   Co 7.0 0.7   Sc 2.0 0.1
                Cr 9.7 1.2   V 12 1
                Ni 18 2   Zn 48 4

Information Values

Major Component Wt. %   Oxide g/g
Al2O3 1.51 0.04   P2O5 700 100
SiO2 2.51 0.21   TiO2 780 30
Stot 1.49 0.09        
Ash 6.3 0.1        
Element g/g   Element g/g
As 13   Mo 9
Cu 10   Nb 1
Ga 3   Nd 5
Hg 0.2   Pb 5
La 5   Sb 1.5
Li 8   Se 2
Mn 8   Th 1.4
      U 0.55


Fe2O3T - Total iron concentration expressed as Fe2O3
Stot - Total sulfur concentration
Wt % - Percent of total element concentration
g/g - Total element concentration expressed as micrograms of element per gram of solid sample
- One standard deviation


Unless indicated total element concentrations are reported for material on an as-received basis.

Samples may be obtained from the U.S. Geological Survey through the reference materials project, Stephen Wilson coordinator. Request for standards should be forwarded to the following address:

Stephen Wilson
U.S. Geological Survey
Reference Materials Project
MS 973
Denver, CO 80225


Wilson, S.A., 1997,. Certificate of Analysis Coal, Lower Bakerstown CLB-1, U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report OFR 97-299, p. 1.

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