Open-File Report 97-489


Compiled by E. E. Brabb

Digital Database Prepared by S. Graham, C. Wentworth, D. Knifong, R. Graymer and J. Blissenbach

1. Documentation files

A. Download individual documentation files:

README file: scdb.txt
Unformatted documentation file describing content and formats of this publication (25 KB)
README file as a formatted, printable PostScript file: (888 KB)

2. Geologic map database (spatial and attribute GIS) files:

A. Download all the geologic database layers and supporting materials in ARC/INFO 7.x ASCII EXPORT format, and all of the documentation files, packaged in a single UNIX tar file, compressed with gzip:

All database files - scruz.tar.gz
Includes all the geologic map database layers listed in section 2B. (below) (9.8 MB compressed download size, 36.3 MB when uncompressed)

- OR -

B. Download individual database layers in ARC/INFO 7.x ASCII EXPORT format, each layer compressed with gzip:

Geologic layers:

Geology - sc-geol.e00.gz
Faults, contacts and geologic units (784 K compressed download size, 2.8 MB when uncompressed)
Structure - sc-strc.e00.gz
Attitudes and fold axes (136 K compressed download size, 1.1 MB when uncompressed)

Base map layers:

Composite base map - sc-topo.e00.gz
Composite quadrangle base map layer in vector format (8.9 MB compressed download size, 32.5 MB when uncompressed)

Supporting files for ARC/INFO users:

Utilities (AMLs) for ARC/INFO users - import.aml

Run at the Arc prompt to import coverages

3. Geologic map cartographic (plottable Postscript and PDF) files:

A. Download the geologic map plottable Postscript file, packaged as a compressed Postscript file, compressed with gzip: (7.5 MB compressed download size), 26.6 MB when uncompressed)
B. Download the geologic explanation as an encapsulated Postscript file
scruzexpl.eps (320K download size)
C. Download the geologic map as a PDF file
scruzmap.pdf (5.7 MB download size)
D. Download the geologic explanation as a PDF file
scruzexpl.pdf (13K download size)

For more information on the geology
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