Lava-Cooling Operations During the 1973 Eruption of Eldfell Volcano,
Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland
U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 97-724

Figure 7.

Heimaey at the end of the volcanic eruption. The light tone in the center of the lava between Eldfell and Ystiklettur is the result of marine salts that were deposited on the lava from the water spraying operations. (8 September 1973 aerial photograph courtesy of the National Land Survey of Iceland) [Editor's note: The aerial photograph shows the new land to the northeast and east, and addition of appropriately 2.5 km2 to the island of Heimaey, and the encroachment of lava flows on the eastern one-third of the town of Vestmannaeyjar (Iceland Geodetic Survey [National Land Survey of Iceland] 1973a and b). Tephra blankets the remainder of the town, except where cleanup operations have already removed the tephra. Some of the tephra removed has been used to build a new NNE-SSW airstrip.]