Lava-Cooling Operations During the 1973 Eruption of Eldfell Volcano,
Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland
U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 97-724

Figure 8.

Quantity of sea water (in Is1) used to cool the lava between 6 February and 10 July 1973.

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a- 6 February; the Vestmannaeyjar fire department starts spraying [water on] the lava.
b- Amount of pumping equipment is increased.
c- Amount of pumping equipment is increased.
d- The dredge Sandey begins operation.
e- Lava flows over the town.
f- The first [pumping] unit at Básakers Wharf is connected.
g- Pipes are connected.
h- Cooling from the sea is stopped.
i- Cooling from Nausthamars Wharf is stopped.
j- [Cooling from] crater pipeline is stopped.
k- [Cooling from] pipeline at Vilpa is stopped.
l- [Cooling from] pipeline at Sólhlíð is stopped.
m- [All] cooling is terminated on 10 July 1973.
n- Days from beginning of eruption [from 23 January 1973].