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Open-File Report 97–470 A: Primary References
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1. Commission for the Geologic Map of the World, UNESCO-ASGU,1990, Carte Géologique Internationale de l'Afrique: Paris, France, 1:5,000,000,
6 sheets. 

2. Commission for the Geologic Map of the World/UNESCO-ASGU,1990, Carte Tectonique Internationale de l'Afrique: Paris, France, 1:5,000,000, 
9 sheets. 

3. Klett, T. R,. Ahlbrandt, T. S., Schmoker, J. W., and Dolton, G. L., 1997, Ranking of the world's oil and gas provinces by known petroleum volumes:  U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 97-463, one CD-ROM. 

4. U.S. Geological Survey World Energy Assessment Team, 2000, World Petroleum Assessment 2000 - Description and Results: U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series DDS-60 Multi-Disc Set.

5. Persits, F., Ahlbrandt, T., Tuttle, M., Charpentier, R.,  Brownfield, M., and Takahashi, K., 1997, Map showing geology, oil and gas fields, and geological provinces of Africa: USGS Open-File Report 97-470A, 1 CD-ROM.

6. Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc., 1995, ArcWorld Supplement Digital Map of the World: ESRI, Redlands CA,  scale 1:3,000,000. 

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U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report  97- 470A, ver. 2.0