By Tyler B. Coplen

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Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Installation Instructions

Installation on a single computer from the Internet

Installation on a single computer from diskettes

Installation on a network

Installation of version 1.4 from the Internet

Installation of version 1.4 from diskettes

Instructions for Removing LIMS for Light Stable Isotopes 7.0 (Uninstallation


Example Database


Login New Samples Form

Import New Project Button

Search for a Project Form

Project Form

Sample Form

Add Samples To Be Analyzed Form

Print Sample Range Form

Printing a Template and the Samples To Be Analyzed

Analysis Form

Add or Change Analyses Form

Import Analyses Button

LIMS Default Import Format

Analytical Precision Import Format

Europa Scientific Import Format

Finnigan MAT Import Format


Dual Inlet



Micromass Import Format

LIMS For Light Stable Isotopes Configuration Form

Correction Factors and Normalization Equations Form

Print Samples In Progress Form

Edit Samples In Progress Form

Store Samples In Progress Form

Add Samples To Samples In Progress Form

Normalization Equation Ranges Form

Installing a New Database File

Importing Projects Using the Excel 5.0 Template

Special Feature

LIMS For Light Stable Isotopes Configuration Form

Alternative Field Names

Form Colors

Software Switches

Paper Size

Default Country

Other Parameters

Reference Samples Form

Prefixes & Next Sample # Button

Mass Spectrometer Configuration Form

Faraday Cup Information Form

Mass Spectrometer Error Codes Form

NAWID, NWQL, and Access Forms

Media Form

Procedure Form

Low Procedure Codes Form

High Procedure Codes Form

How to Add Media, Procedures, Low Procedures, and High Procedures

How to Delete Media, Procedures, Low Procedures, and High Procedures

Creating and Editing Templates

Using LIMS with 14C

Using LIMS with 3H

Using LIMS with CFCs

Analysis Import Formats


LIMS Default Import Format

Analytical Precision Analysis Import Format

Europa Scientific Analysis Import Format

Finnigan MAT Analysis Import Format

Dual Inlet Import Format

GCC Import Format

EA Import Format

Micromass Analysis Import Format

Sample Export Formats


LIMS Default Sample Export Format

Sample Export Format for Analytical Precision

Sample Export Format for Europa Scientific

Sample Export Format for Finnigan MAT

Sample Export Format for Micromass

Files found on diskettes




The reliability and accuracy of isotopic data can be improved by utilizing database software to (i) store information about samples, (ii) store the results of mass spectrometric isotope-ratio analyses of samples, (iii) calculate analytical results using standardized algorithms stored in a database, (iv) normalize stable isotopic data to international scales using isotopic reference materials, and (v) generate multi-sheet paper templates for convenient sample loading of automated mass-spectrometer sample preparation manifolds. Such a database program is presented herein. Major benefits of this system include (i) an increase in laboratory efficiency, (ii) reduction in the use of paper, (iii) reduction in workload due to the elimination or reduction of retyping of data by laboratory personnel, and (iv) decreased errors in data reported to sample submitters. Such a database provides a complete record of when and how often laboratory reference materials have been analyzed and provides a record of what correction factors have been used through time. It provides an audit trail for stable isotope laboratories.

Since the original publication of the manual for LIMS for Light Stable Isotopes, the isotopes 3 H, 3 He, and 14 C, and the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), CFC-11, CFC-12, and CFC-113, have been added to this program.

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