Appendix 10


IASC Priority Projects
Core Groups and Networks (Status on 20 April 1995):
Names and Addresses of IASC Core Group 2.1:
Mass Balance of Glaciers and Ice Sheets
Names and Addresses of IASC Network 2.1
Mass Balance of Glaciers and Ice Sheets

*Information furnished by Carl S. Benson, University of Alaska, Geophysical Institute Address of IASC Secretariat:

     Odd Rogne 
     Middlethunsgate 29 
     P.O. Box 5072, Majorstua 
     0301 Oslo, Norway 
     Tel:    47-22-95-96-00 
     Fax:    47-22-95-96-01

IASC Core Group 2.1

Mass Balance of Glaciers and Ice Sheets

CANADA     Dr. Roy M. Koerner                 Fax:   1-613-996-5448
           Terrain Sciences Division          Phone: 1-613-997-7623
           Geological Survey of Canada
           601 Booth Street
           Ottawa, Ontario K1A OE8

DENMARK    Dr. Niels Reeh                     Fax:   45-4593-1634 
           Danish Center for Remote Sensing   Phone: 45-4525-3800 
           Electromagnetics Institute   
           Technical University of Denmark  
           DK-2800 Lyngby  

FRANCE     Dr. Bernard Lefauconnier           Fax:   33-76-82-4200  
           LGGE                               Phone: 33-76-82-4201  
           BP 96  
           38402 St Martin d'Hères CEDEX  

JAPAN      Dr. Okistugu Watanabe              Fax:   81-3-3962-5719  
           National Institute of Polar        Phone: 81-3-3962-4711  
           9-10 Kaga 1-Chome, Itabashi-ku  
           Tokyo 173  

NORWAY     Dr. Jon Ove Hagen                  Fax:   47-22-85-7230  
(Chairman) Dept. of Geography                 Phone: 47-22-85-4038  
           University of Oslo         
           Box 1042 Blindern
           0316 Oslo    

RUSSIA     Dr. Andrei F. Glazovsky            Fax:   7-095-230-2090  
           Deputy Director                    Telex: 411781 GLOBE SU  
           Geographical Institute  
           Staromonetny Street 29  
           Moscow 109017  

RUSSIA     Dr. Vladimir Kotlyakov  
           Geographical Institute  
           Staromonetny Street 29  
           Moscow 109017  

SWEDEN     Dr. Per Holmlund                    Fax:   46-8-164818  
           (Secretary)                         Phone: 46-8-164811  
           Dept. Of Physical Geography
           Stockholm University  
           S-1069 Stockholm  

UNITED     Dr. Julian A. Dowdeswell            Fax:   44-1970-622780  
KINDDOM    Centre for Glaciology               Phone: 44-1970-622782  
           Institute of Earth Sciences         e-mail:  
           University of Wales  
           Aberystwyth, Dyfed SY23 3DB  
Note: We asked the WG for advice on a group of 5-7 persons. As the WG contains many active and good scientists, there were problems making a selection. Geographical coverage of glaciers has been one of the criteria for the Core Group.

IASC Network 2.1

Mass Balance of Glaciers and Ice Sheets

CANADA      Dr. David Fisher                   Fax:   1-613-996-5448  
            Geological Survey of Canada   

CANADA      Dr. Gerald Holdsworth              Fax:   1-403-282-4609  
            University of Calgary  

FINLAND     Dr. John C. Moore                  Fax:   358-60-324-777  
            Arctic Centre,                     Phone: 358-60-324-757
            University of Lapland   
            Box 122  
            FIN-96101 Rovaniemi  
FRANCE      Dr. Louis Reynaud                  Fax: 33-76-824201  
            LGGE, Domaine Universitaire  
            54, rue Moliére, P B 96  
            38402 St Martin d'Hères, CEDEX

GERMANY     Prof. H. Miller                    Fax:   49-471-483-149  
            AWI Institute for Polar and
            Marine Research
            P.O. Box 120161 D-27515 Bremerhaven 12      
ICELAND     Dr. Helgi Björnsson                Fax:   354-1-28801
            Science Institute                  Phone: 354-1-694730
            University of Iceland    
            Dunhaga 5  

NETHERLANDS Prof. Dr. J. Oerlemans            Fax:   31-30-543163  
            IMOU, University of Utrecht       Phone: 31-30-533272  
            P.O. Box 80 005  
            3508 TA Utrecht  

POLAND      Dr. Jacek Jania                   Fax:   48-32-664351  
            Dept. Of Geomorphology            Phone: 48-32-662025  
            Univ. of Silesia,                 Telex: 315920  
            Fac. Of Earth Science  
            ul. Bedzinska 60  
            41-200 Sosnowiec  

SWITZERLAND Prof. Atsumu Ohmura               Fax:   41-1-362-5197  
            Department of Geography           Phone: 41-1-257-5220 or 11  
            Swiss Federal Institute of Technology  
            Winterthurerstr. 190  
            CH-8057 Zürich  

USA         Dr. Richard Alley          
            College of Earth and Mineral Sciences  
            Pennsylvania State University  
            0306 Deike Building  
            University Park, PA 16802  

USA         Dr. Roger Barry            
            World Data Center - A for Glaciology      
            Campus Box 216    
            University of Colorado    
            Boulder, CO 80309-0216    
USA         Dr. William Harrison              Fax:   1-907-474-7290
            Professor of Physics              Phone: 1-907-474-7558  
            Geophysical Institute     
            P O Box 757320      
            University of Alaska     
            Fairbanks, AK 99775-7320    
USA         Dr. Mark Meier                    Fax:   1-303-492-6388  
            Institute of Arctic and           e-mail:mark.meier@  
            Alpine Research
            University of Colorado at Boulder      
            1560 Thirtieth St. # 261  
            Campus Box 450  
            Boulder, CO 80309    
USA         Dr. Terry Tucker                  Fax:   1-603-646-4644  
            Research Division, Snow and Ice Branch  
            Hanover, NH  
USA         Dr. Ed Waddington  
            Department of Geosciences  
            University of Arizona  
            Tuscon, AZ   
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