Workshop on
Long-Term Monitoring of Fluctuations of Glaciers
of North America and Northwestern Europe

University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA on 11-13 September 1996

List of Invitees Who Were Unable to Attend

 Scientist                                Speciality 
Stanley G. Coloff                       ecology, population dynamics, global 
U.S. Geological Survey                  change coordinator for Biological 
Biological Resources Division           Resources Division (vice NBS) 
301 National Center 
Reston, VA 20192 
Tel:   703-648-4083 
Fax:   703-648-4238

Wilfried Haeberli*                      glaciology, Director, World Glacier 
Geographisches Institut                 Monitoring Service, glacier hazards in 
Universität Zürich-Irchel               Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, global 
Winterthurerstrasse 190                 perspective, co-author, Chapter K 
CH-8057 Zürich                          (USGS Prof. Paper 1386-K) 
Schweiz (Switzerland) 
Tel:   011-41-1-635-5120 
Fax:   011-41-1-635-6848

David A. Kirtland                       geography, global environmental change, 
U.S. Geological Survey                  operations research, global change program 
519 National Center                     coordinator for NMD 
Reston, VA 20192 
Tel:   703-648-4712 
Fax:   703-648-5542

Harry F. Lins                           hydroclimatology, global change program 
U.S. Geological Survey                  coordinator for WRD 
415 National Center 
Reston, Va 20192 
Tel:   703-648-5712 
Fax:   703-648-5295

Mark F. Meier*                          glaciology, glaciers and sea level, glaciers 
Institute of Arctic and Alpine          and climate, global perspective, co-author 
Research                                Chapter K (USGS Prof. Paper 1386-K)
University of Colorado
Campus Box 450 
Boulder, CO 80309-0450 
Tel:   303-492-6556 
Fax:   303-492-6388 

Gordon L. Nelson                        glaciology, Alaskan glaciers, WRD District 
U.S. Geological Survey                  Chief for Alaska 
Water Resources Division 
4230 University Drive, Suite 201 
Anchorage, AK 99508-4664 
Tel:   907-786-7711 
Fax:   907-786-7150

C. Simon L. Ommanney*                   glaciology, geography, glaciers of Canada 
Secretary General                       co-author, Chapter J, Glaciers of Canada 
International Glaciological Society    (USGS Prof. Paper 1836-J) 
Lensfield Road 
Cambridge CB2 1ER 
England, UK 
Tel:   011-44-1223-355974 
Fax:   011-44-1223-336543

Richard Z. Poore                        paleoclimatology, paleoenvironmental 
U.S. Geological Survey                  change, global change program coordinator 
906 National Center                     for GD 
Reston, VA 20192 
Tel:   703-648-5270 
Fax:   703-648-6647

*Author, Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World, U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1836 A-K.
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