Open-File Report 98-136 About the CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains several sets of digital data files (see \CIRCUM\DOC\PC\FILES.TXT (or \CIRCUM\DOC\HTML\FILES.HTM) for formats). Although the digital data was prepared with Arc/Info, it can also be accessed by several other operating systems and GIS packages.

Directory Structure
The CD-ROM is divided into the following primary directories:

[Note: The /CIRCUM directory is replaced by the of98-136 directory in this online version of the CD-ROM]

\DOC - Documentation
\COVERS - Arc/Info 7 workspaces
\E00 - Arc/Info Interchange 'Export' files
\DXF - CAD Drawing Interchange files
\SHP - Arc/Info 'shape' files
\SHPGEO - Arc/Info 'shape' files (geographic)
\POSTSCR - PostScript files of open file maps
\INTRO - introduction application
\SURVIEW - an application designed for Microsoft(R) Windows (for viewing 'shape' files)
\MOSAIC - Mosaic web browser
[Note: Mosaic browser is not included in this online version of the CD-ROM]

All documentation is provided in 2 formats:
\DOC\PC - PC text files (.TXT)
\DOC\HTML - HTML text files (.HTM)

Documentation begins on HTML page INTRO.HTM or on the corresponding INTRO.TXT text file.

Character Set
ESRI Interchange Format files (*.E00, single precision) are provided in PC format and contain ANSI characters. For use on Unix, use the Unix "dos2unix -ascii" command to convert to Unix text format and preserve the ANSI characters.

SurView (Microsoft(R) Windows(TM))
A limited runtime version of SurView (a viewing application developed by the Geological Surview of Canada to display geophysical, geological, and geochemical data) is provided on this CD-ROM in the \CIRCUM\SURVIEW directory. SurView can display and print the Arc/Info .SHP files in the \CIRCUM\SHP directory.

Read \CIRCUM\DOC\PC\SURVIEW1.TXT (or \CIRCUM\DOC\HTML\SURVIEW1.HTM) for an overview of the optional installation and operation of SurView.

Quick Start (Microsoft(R) Windows(TM))
This CD-ROM is a Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) 95/NT4 'Auto Play' CD-ROM, launching \JAGPLAY.EXE when inserted (Windows 3.X users can launch \JAGPLAY.EXE manually from file manager). JagPlay provides an introduction to the CD-ROM and a quick tour of the \CIRCUM\SHP\... 'shape' files. JagPlay provides a mechanism for launching SurView directly from the CD-ROM (no installation required) to view these files.

Arc/Info (Ver. 7.03) on Unix (Solaris 2.4)
The Arc/Info coverages are located in the \CIRCUM\COVERS directory.

Read \CIRCUM\DOC\PC\DB.TXT (or \CIRCUM\DOC\HTML\DB.HTM) for complete descriptions of the Arc/Info coverages.

There is no Unix software supplied on this CD-ROM.

Arc/Info on other platforms
The Arc/Info coverages are also provided in Arc/Info 'export' format (*.E00 files, single precision, ANSI character set) and are located in \CIRCUM\E00.. These can be imported into Arc/Info on non-Unix systems.

Other (Microsoft(R) Windows(TM))/DOS-based GIS packages
The *.E00 files in \CIRCUM\E00 can be imported into several other GIS packages that import the .E00 format, including ArcView and MapInfo for Microsoft(R) Windows(TM)

The Arc/Info coverages are also provided in Arc/Info'shape' (*.SHP) files, located in CIRCUM\SHP, designed to be directly viewable by ArcView 2 or 3 or ArcExplorer.

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation

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