Environmental Geochemistry and Sediment Quality in Lake Pontchartrain

Basics of the Basin - 1998 Table of Contents

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The Effects of the 1997 Bonnet Carré Spillway Opening on Lake Pontchartrain Benthic Invertebrates.
Abadie, S. W. , A. C. Jeandron and M. A. Poirrier

Increased Abundance of Large rangia Clams as an Indicator of Recovery from 57 Years of Shell Dredging in Lake Pontchartrain.
Abadie, S.W. and M. A. Poirrier

The 1997 Bonnet Carré Spillway Opening:  Popular Myth vs. Fact.
Baird, Bruce H.

Fish Community Composition and Condition Under Different Contamination and Flow Regimes in the LaBranche Wetlands.
Bart, H.L., Jr., S .L. Taylor and S. Adams

A Survey of Mercury, Copper, Chromium, Lead, and Zinc Concentrations in Soils and Various Species of Fish Taken from Lake Boeuf, Louisiana.
O'Rourke, Scott, Charlyn Partridge, David Schultz, Keshav Mandhare, and James Beck

From Point to Nonpoint and Back Again.
Branch, Bill

Recent History and Status of the Brown Pelican in Lake Pontchartrain.
Brantley, Christopher G.

The New Orleans Lakefront Project: From Lake Bottom to Subdivision.
Butterworth, V. C., J. Wilson, J. Koch, C. Stone, K. Kachler, L. Broom, M. Suckow, M. Cross, N. Kennedy, and S. P. Penland

A 2-D Model of the Behavior of Surface Buoyant Discharges into Lake Pontchartrain.
Carnelos, Susanne and Dr. J.A. McCorquodale

An Inventory and Monitoring Program for Lake Pontchartrain Nekton.
Cashner, R. C., J. M. Humphries, C. Schieble, and J. G. Stewart

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Geographic Information System.
Cothren, Gianna, Alim Hannoura, Alex McCorquodale, and Srikanth Patibandh

Water Quality Assessment in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.
Inas Ismail, Gianna Cothren, Alim Hannoura, and Alex McCorquodale

Algal Bloom Resulting from the Opening of the Bonnet Carré Spillway in 1997.
Dortch, Q., T. Peterson, and R.E. Turner

Recent Trends in Water Clarity of Lake Pontchartrain.
Francis, J. C., and M.A. Poirrier

Bayou St. John: Practical Water Management for an Urban Scenic Stream.
Poirrier, M.A., C.D. Franze

Fecal Coliform Levels in Tributaries to Lake Pontchartrain.
Gurney, David R.

Coast 2050 and Strategic Coastal Planning in the Pontchartrain Basin.
Pittman, L. P., S. Gammill, L.B. Haase, B. Good, Ph. D.

Framework for an Ecosystem Response Model.
McCorquodale, Alex, Katy Haralampides

Lake Pontchartrain Monitoring for 1997 Spillway Opening Event.
McCorquodale, Alex, Katy Haralampides and Alim Hannoura

Monitoring the Impacts of the 1997 Flood Opening of the Bonnet Carré Spillway in Louisiana and Mississippi.
Hartzog, Larry, and others

Holocene Geologic Framework of Lake Pontchartrain Basin, Southeastern Louisiana.
Kindinger, Jack L. , S. Jeffress Williams, Shea Penland, James G. Flocks, and Paul Connor

Modeling and Measurements of Waves, Circulation, and Suspended Sediment in Lake Pontchartrain.
List, J. H., and R.P. Signell

Sediment Quality Database Development and Geochemical Assessment of Sediments from Lake Pontchartrain and Surrounding Waterways.
Manheim, F.T., and A.G. McIntire

Interactive Electronic Publication of Chemical-Environmental Data from Lake Pontchartrain Basin:  Exploration of Applications with Landview III, the New Interagency Database/map Query System.
Polloni, C.F., F.T. Manheim, A.G. McIntire, and E.J. McFaul

The Creation of New Habitats through the Beneficial use of Dredge Material in the Pontchartrain Basin.
Mathies, Linda, Beth Nord, Shea Penland, Karen Westphal, Cris Zganjar

Rapid Lakebed Metals Assessment of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana.
Noakes, Scott E., Douglas K. Dvoracek, and John E. Noakes

Effects of Salinity Stratification and Algal Blooms on Benthic Invertebrate Populations in Southern Lake Pontchartrain.
Pedalino, F.C., M.A. Poirrier

GIS Analysis of Natural and Human Causes of Coastal Land Loss in the Pontchartrain Basin.
Penland, Shea, Lynda Wayne, and Louis D. Britsch

Penland, Shea, Karen Westphal, and Chris Zganjar

The Occurrence of the Wood Boring Isopod, sphaeroma terebrans, in Littoral Cypress of Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas.
Poirrier, M.A., C.D. Franze and S.M. Arthur

Effects of the 1997 Bonnet Carré Spillway Opening on Grassbeds in Lake Pontchartrain.
Poirrier, M.A., B. Maglic, J. C. Francis, C. D. Franze, and H.J. Cho

Observations on Lake Pontchartrain Blue-green Algal Blooms and Fish Kills.
Poirrier, Michael A. and J.M. King

Geologic Framework of the Lake Pontchartrain area.
Pope, D.E.

Relative Sea Level Rise in the Pontchartrain Basin.
Ramsey, Karen E., Shea Penland, Jack Kindinger, and S. Jeffress Williams

Thermal and Energy Budget Estimates over Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana.
Rohli, R.V.

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality's (LDEQ) Decision Document for Bayou Trepagnier (the Bayou).
Stafford, Tom

Control of Algal Populations in Lake Pontchartrain.
Turner, R. E., Q. Dortch and N. N. Rabalais

Bonnet Carré Diversions:  Will Significant Nutrient Removal Occur in Wetlands?
Turner, R. E.

Shoreline Change in the Upper Pontchartrain Basin.
Waters, J. P. , B. Guest, C. Vaughan, and G. Yamazaki

Palynomorph Assemblages from Lake Pontchartrain:  Proxy Records of Vegetation and Eutrophication.
Willard, Debra A., and Neil Waibel


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