Environmental Geochemistry and Sediment Quality in Lake Pontchartrain

Vibracore Sampling Strategy Interactive Training

Jack Kindinger, James Flocks, Charles Holmes, Scott Noakes, Chris Polloni



This multi-media activity was developed as a guide for researchers who would like to use coring equipment in shallow estuaries and marine environments using small boats.  It is also useful for students and others who are interested in the details involved in developing a scientific sediment sampling strategy from design concept to implementation.  This course includes designing, building, and assembling components with detailed instructions on configuration and field use of the equipment.  Part of the course includes deploying the sampling gear from the R/V Gilbert, a USGS small boat research vessel that has worked in Lake Pontchartrain, and sampling procedures performed at the Saint Petersburg Field Center (SPFC).


The video software to access this application must be installed on the user's computer before the training course can be used.  The required software is RealPlayer G2 which is installed with the user's web browser software.


Once the software is installed, it can be used to read the file structure which reads like a book.  The application is divided into four sections; introduction, sampling, analysis, and summary.  The user can take a tour of the application to get a general idea of what is being described.  One can then go back and review components of the course in greater detail to understand the specifics of procedures.


Asymetrix Inc. provided support to develop this experimental training course.   This course is an example of actual sampling techniques used at one of our field centers for the Lake Pontchartrain program but it has not been reviewed for accuracy.   We have a web site under development that will have the most recent version of this course.  The web site for Asymetrix Inc. describes the tools that were used to design, build, and publish a CD-ROM product.


McFaul, Utterstrom, Kindinger, and Polloni - personal communications regarding multi-media CD applications development at SIGCAT'98, CD/DVD Conference and Exposition, Baltimore, MD, 18-22 May, 1998.


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