How to Use the Maps and Overlays


Several lessons instruct you to use the maps in this Appendix.

  1. First, make a transparency of each map required for the activity.
  2. The transparency of the "Watershed Map of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin" is the base map; it should always be laid down on the overhead projector first.
  3. The activity may require one additional map transparency or overlay to be placed on top of the base map, or it may require multiple overlays to be placed on top of the base map.
  4. Be creative; instruct your students to find relationships between and among overlays not mentioned in the activities.

The following is a list of overlays found in this Appendix:

Please note that all maps will appear sideways on the screen. This is so that they will print out well on an 8.5"x11" transparency. For best results, go into "page setup" (on the file menu of your browser) and change all margins to .25" and turn off all header and footer items before printing.

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