Activity: Lake Log: A Diary of the Basin

Events that affect the Lake Pontchartrain Basin occur almost every day. Many of them are noteworthy and make important news items. The class can keep a log of such events, much in the way that a scrapbook of persnal events is made. This is a wonderful way for students to develop an awareness of the functions and values of wetlands in our watershed, as well as some of the problems associated with them. A large map of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin on the classroom wall can be used to mark sites of particular events and will maintain interest in the project log.

Each student in class should watch the news on television or read the newspater daily for one week at a time during the year. When an event that affects the ecology of the watershed occurs, the student must listen or read carefully to find out the major points of the issue: who, what, when, where, why. Write a brief summary of the news item and paste it into the Lake Log. Students may include the actual news item, if available, as well as pictures pertinent to the topic.

Of course, field trips to selected sites in the Basin should be recorded in the class Lake Log, too! Student comments about their experiences are especially relevant and welcome.

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