Activity: Magical Images of the Estuary

illustration of a camera


  1. Choose a local wetland area to visit.

  2. Distribute copies of the "Magical Images of the Estuary" handout.

  3. Brainstorm a list of picture- taking hints with your students.

    Examples include:

    • Always take pictures with the light behind you; do not face into the sun!

    • Choose a center of interest for the picture.

    • Look for interesting textures, lines, color and form.

    • Try getting real close!

    • Show the size of an object by using a common object that everyone can identify

      (such as a coin), and place it in the photo composition to show size and scale.

  4. Discuss with students possible subjects for their photo journal or photo essay.

    Examples include:

    • Animals, birds, or grasses and plants in the estuary;

    • Producers, consumers, decomposers in the food chain;

    • Elements of the water cycle;

    • A "tour" through the estuary!

    • Design a book of estuary photos using a specific theme with text blocks identifying, describing, and telling stories about the pictures.

    • Have an exhibit of all photo journals and photo essays!

Exhibit photo journal and photo essays at a school function or in an elementary school classroom.

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