Activity: Mini Action Plan:
Lake Pontchartrain Basin Pollution Solution

In this next activity, you will design a project of your own. Here are some proposed solutions to current problems. Research one and develop a mini action plan to get you started.

Pollution Problems Proposed Solutions
Dumping Used Motor Oil stencil storm drains; recycle used motor oil & filters
Trash and Litterlitter clean-up campaigns
Habitat Lossplant aquatic grass beds
Deforestation plant cypress trees
Shoreline Erosion plant trees and other vegetation

Thinking Ahead:

  1. Which area of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin do you want to target? e.g., northshore, southshore, coastal marshes

  2. Which Lake Pontchartrain Basin pollution problem would you like to help solve?

  3. What questions do you have about that pollution problem?

  4. Where can you get information about that pollution problem?

  5. Which people in your school or community can help you understand the
    nature of the pollution problem? Which resources are available to you?

  6. Which obstacles or potential problems might affect your plan?

  7. Brainstorm a list of possible solutions to the problem. Ask others for their ideas about your proposed solutions.

  8. Can you do the project alone or will you need volunteer help?

  9. Make any necessary changes to your plan.

Getting Down to Work:

The pollution problem I most want to solve is:

This pollution project is needed because:

My proposed solutions include:

Steps I will take to tackle the pollution problem are:

I will recruit volunteer help from:

I will need to get permission for my project from these people and/or agencies:

The Lake Pontchartrain Basin will benefit from my project because:

Job Chart:

The following jobs are to be completed on or before the due date by the person(s) assigned:

Job Target Date Person in Charge

Materials and Supplies:

I will need the following items to complete my project:


If I need to finance my project, I will earn or raise funds by:


I will publicize my efforts through:

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