Multimedia Presentation


  • Develop a 5-10 minute multimedia presentation which evokes feelings of environmental appreciation or depicts environmental degradation in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.


  1. Use photographic slides, computer-generated slides, video, or pictures that portray your topic.

  2. Select music or poetry that fits your theme.

  3. Correlate video and audio components into a presentation.

  4. Present your project to the class on the date assigned.


  1. The multimedia project is worth ____ points.

  2. Projects will be scored by peer assessment, using the rubric provided.

Multimedia Project Assessment Rubric

(Very good)
VISUAL outstanding pictures; excellent quality & variety clear, good pictures; good quantity & variety decent pictures; adequate quality & variety mediocre pictures; barely enough quantity; little variety poor quality pictures; inadequate quantity; poor variety
AUDIO perfectly fits topic; emotionally moving; perfect timing relates well to topic; very strong message; good timing fair amount of relevance; moderately stron message; okay timing barely matches tipic; weak message; poor timing inappropriate match for pictures; message lacking; no timing
OBJECTIVE very specific to topic; evidence of hard work; makes you want to go out and save the planet: holds audience rapt fits topic well; very good work; inspiring; interested audience doesn't make a strong case; average effort; audience attention wanders boring; not enough time spent; little emotional response, does not keep audience attention evokes no emotional response; inappropriate; no evidence of overall effort


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