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Utah Aeromagnetic Map - 1,000 ft. a.t. (Xia-m)

Aeromagnetic Map - 1,000 ft a.t. (Xia-m)

The aeromagnetic data are presented as four different grids that cover the entire state and two additional grids covering parts of the state. These maps are constructed from grids that combine information (see data processing details) collected in 20 separate aeromagnetic surveys conducted between 1952 and 1979. An index plot gives an overview of the flightline spacing of the original surveys. A data table summarizes the detailed specifications of the surveys.

This map displays a grid where the merged data at 12,500 ft have been converted from level to a datum 1,000 ft above terrain using the xia-m method (Phillips, 1996). [filename = ut1000xia]

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