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Nav.xls (Excel worksheet format)-- Chapman 1995 navigation data including date, time, latitude, longitude, and depth.
Column A (date and time) Julian day: hour: minute: seconds
Column B (latitude) -- degrees d decimal minutes
Column C (longitude) -- degrees d decimal minutes
Column D (depth) meters
Navigation.txt -- also in text format

Corners.doc -- Corner coordinates for registering Oculina Bank Sidescan mosaics (Ocu1b.tif EORR and Ocu2b.tif Control Area).

oculinasamps.xls -- Sample Identification numbers, latitude, longitude, depth, CaCO3 content,
and percentages of gravel, sand, silt, and clay.
also in dBIV, text, and QuattroPro formats.

some links are to compressed files, uncompressed versions of these files are available
in the data directory on this CD-ROM

oculinasamps.dbf (download)
oculinasamps.txt (download)
oculinasamps.wq1 (download)

nav1hr.txt -- Navigation data subset (one hour fixes).

nav5min.txt -- Navigation data subset (five minute fixes).

Sediment Data Graphs -- Plots of oculinasamps texture data

69 samples in Oculina Bank

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