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Open-File Report 99-325, Online version 1.0

Digital Databases Containing Mining Claim Density Information for Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming Created From the BLM Mining Claim Recordation System: 1996

by Paul C. Hyndman and Harry W. Campbell


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 README file listing all files available for download

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 99-325 in Portable Document Format (PDF)

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 Complete digital data package

A self-extracting winzip file which will create the directory c:\of99-325 and unpack all files. See instructions below on forcing files to download.

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 Metadata file (ASCII text file)

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 Datafiles by State in .dbf and .txt formats



Arizona dbf

Arizona txt

1 MB

1 MB


California dbf

California txt

1.2 MB

1.3 MB


Colorado dbf
Colorado txt

852 KB

864 KB


Idaho dbf

Idaho txt

664 KB

676 KB


Montana dbf

Montana txt

528 KB

536 KB

Nebraska dbf

Nebraska txt

4 KB

4 KB


New Mexico dbf

New Mexico txt

504 KB

512 KB


Nevada dbf

Nevada txt

1.8 MB

1.8 MB


Oregon dbf

Oregon txt

432 KB

440 KB


South Dakota dbf

South Dakota txt

96 KB

100 KB


Utah dbf

Utah txt

1.1 MB

1.1 MB


Washington dbf

Washington txt

204 KB

208 KB


Wyoming dbf

Wyoming txt

772 KB

784 KB


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