Digital Mapping Techniques '99 -- Workshop Proceedings
U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-386

List of Attendees at the Digital Mapping Techniques '99 Workshop

[Grouped by Affiliation]

Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys
Frank Ganley

Arizona Geological Survey
Steve Richard

Arkansas Geological Commission
Steven Hill
Jennifer Perkins

Avenza Software Inc.
Susan Muleme

California Division of Mines and Geology
Dave Wagner

College of William and Mary
Karen Berquist

Delaware Geological Survey
Lillian Wang

Dynamic Graphics, Inc.
Skip Pack

Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.
Mike Price

Florida Geological Survey
Jon Arthur
Amy M. Graves

Geological Survey of Alabama
Nick Tew

Geological Survey of Canada
Eric Boisvert
Boyan Brodaric
Vic Dohar
Dave Everett

Hewlett-Packard Company
Al Berry

Idaho Geological Survey
Tim Funderburg
Loudon Stanford

Illinois State Geological Survey
Curt Abert
Sheena Beaverson
Rob Krumm
Barb Stiff

Intergraph Corporation
Jeff Hyatt

Iowa Geological Survey
Mike Bounk

Kansas Geological Survey
David Collins
Elizabeth Crouse
Gina Ross
John Siceloff

Kentucky Geological Survey
Warren H. Anderson
Jason A. Patton
Rick Sergeant
Tom N. Sparks
Xin-Yue Yang

Louisiana Geological Survey
Robert Paulsell
R. Hampton Peele

Maryland Geological Survey
Lamere Hennessee

Minnesota Geological Survey
Tim Wahl

Missouri Division of Geology and Land Survey
Hal Baker
Chris Vierrether

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology
Debbie Smith
Larry Smith
Susan Smith

National Park Service
Steve Fryer

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Gary Johnson

New Jersey Geological Survey
Zehdreh Allen-Lafayette

New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources
Mark Mansell
Dave McCraw
Becky Titus

North Dakota Geological Survey
Ann Fritz
Karen Mitchell
Ryan Waldkirch

Ohio Geological Survey
Tom Berg
Jim McDonald

Oklahoma Geological Survey
Wayne Furr

Ontario Geological Survey
Brian Berdusco

Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
Mark Neuhaus

Pennsylvania Geological Survey
Bill Kochanov
Tom Whitfield

Tennessee Division of Geology
Elaine Foust

U.S. Air Force
Alyssa Perroy

U.S. Geological Survey
Greg Allord
Dave Bedford
Todd Fitzgibbon
Bruce Johnson
Diane Lane
Gary Latzke
Bob Lemen
Jonathan C. Matti
Missy Packard
John S. Pallister
Peter Schweitzer
Dave Soller
Nancy Stamm
Will Stettner
Ron Wahl
Gregory Walsh
John Watermolen

University of California, Santa Barbara
Jordan Hastings

Utah Geological Survey
Kent D. Brown

Virginia Division of Mineral Resources
Rick Berquist
Elizabeth Campbell
Ryan Perroy

West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
Scott McColloch

Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
Bill Bristol
Mike Czechanski
Chip Hankley
Mindy James
Deborah Patterson
Kathy Roushar

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