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Facts Regarding Open File Report  99-449


   The information contained on this CD-ROM may be accessed as ASCII text files or from HyperText Markup Language (HTML), a standard language utilized by the World Wide Web (WWW) project.  Development of the CD-ROM documentation and user interface in HTML allows a user to access the information by using a variety of WWW information browsers (i.e. Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer) to facilitate browsing and locating information and data. The disk should be viewable by all WWW browsers but may not properly format on some older WWW browsers.

Each CDROM contains a complete set of the HTML pages, image files and navigation data, but only SEG-Y data for 1/3 of the seismic lines. This was done due to large size of the SEG-y files and the limited amount of space on each CDROM.

Downloading a selected file with your browser

   To download a selected data file, select the desired file by placing the system pointer on the file name from the data list and pressing and holding the right mouse button.  This will display a pop-up menu .  The user should drag the mouse to highlight "Save this link as ..." and release the mouse button.  The browser will then prompt the user to specify the name and location of where the selected data file should be saved.  Different operating systems and versions of Netscape might be work somewhat differently.

CD-ROM Contents

Directory htmldocs:
        This directory contains html files and associated image and text files that may be viewed with any HTML v. 2.0 or higher compatible web browser.   A more recent web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer v. 4.0, Netscape v. 4.05 or higher) Java enabled may be necessary to view the interactive figures.

Directory images:
           This directory contains all the images that are included in this CD-ROM they are divided into three groups

Directory nav:
            This directory contains 3 sets of files that provide all the navigation information regarding the GYRE 1997 cruise.

Directory seg_y:
                This directory contains the seismic reflection data collected on the GYRE 1997 cruise.  All data is saved in standard SEG-Y format with complete header and processing history information. The data can be downloaded to disk or accessed directly from the CD-ROM.

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