Digital Geologic Map for Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming and Vicinity

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Originator: Christiansen, Robert L.
Publication_Date: 1999
Digital Geologic Map for Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming and Vicinity
Edition: 1
Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: Map
Series_Name: Open-File Report
Issue_Identification: 99-0174
Publication_Place: Denver, CO
Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey
Online_Linkage: <>
The geology coverage was developed from the 1972 USGS Geologic Map of Yellowstone National Park. It contains polygons of bedrock formations, dikes, and faults. Errors in the 1972 map were corrected and an area outside the Park boundary on the west and south was added. Attributes attached to each polygon include a formation code, formation name, formation age, and a generalized unit name. Line attributes include water, contacts, and faults. Updated information includes a break down of Tertiary, and Quaternary volcanic rock units.
The conversion of bedrock geology information of the park into a digital format enables easy overlay with other layers for analysis and development of other themes. The release of the basic data now will give those who need it geologic data for Yellowstone National Park in a timely manner. The data have been reprojected to be in UTM zone 12 meters, and have been adjusted to the North American Datum of 1983. These data are not intended to be used at a scale greater than 1:100,000.
Map political location: Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming Compilation scale: 1:125,000 Original geology compiled in 1972.

Geospatial data files included in this data set:

geol83: geologic units, contacts, and faults

Calendar_Date: 1999
Currentness_Reference: publication date
Progress: in work
Maintenance_and_Update_Frequency: corrections and updates are made as they occur.
West_Bounding_Coordinate: -111.25
East_Bounding_Coordinate: -109.8
North_Bounding_Coordinate: 45.117
South_Bounding_Coordinate: 44.000

Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: None
Theme_Keyword: geology
Theme_Keyword: volcanism
Theme_Keyword: National Park
Theme_Keyword: Bedrock materials
Place_Keyword_Thesaurus: None
Place_Keyword: Western United States
Place_Keyword: Idaho
Place_Keyword: Montana
Place_Keyword: Wyoming
Place_Keyword: Yellowstone National Park
Place_Keyword: Greater Yellowstone Area
Place_Keyword: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Place_Keyword: Northern Rocky Mountains
Access_Constraints: None
None. However, acknowledgement of the U.S. Geological Survey as the source of the data would be appreciated in products derived from these data.
Contact_Person: Ronald R. Wahl
Contact_Organization: U.S. Geological Survey
Address_Type: mailing and physical address
U.S. Geological Survey P.O. Box 25046 Mail Stop 913 Denver Federal Center
City: Denver
State_or_Province: CO
Postal_Code: 80225-0046
Contact_Voice_Telephone: (303) 236-1320
Contact_Facsimile_Telephone: (303) 236-0214
Browse_Graphic_File_Description: Graphic representation of map layout.
Browse_Graphic_File_Type: PDF
Native_Data_Set_Environment: SunOS 5.6, sun4m UNIX, ARC/INFO version 7.1.2

The assignment of attributes to the polygon information is complete and accurate for the data at this scale. Line attribution is not complete.
Map elements were checked visually for overshoots, undershoots, duplicate features, polygon closure, and other errors by the authors. In addition, automated (ARC/INFO) routines were used to check the database for polygon label errors, line attribution errors, sliver polygons, dangling arcs, intersection errors, and projection information.
All geologic features shown on the 1972 geologic map are contained in the current database with the exception of the dikes. The original map was modified by R.L. Christiansen. His later geologic mapping is contained within this coverage.
Geologic features were located with a precision that is associated with professional field methods and geologic data compilation methods. Since National Map Accuracy Standards apply to the base map with which these data are registered, then the maximum location accuracy of the geologic data at this scale is approximately 65 meters.
Originator: The U.S. Geological Survey
Publication_Date: 1972
Title: Geologic Map of Yellowstone National Park
Edition: 1
Series_Name: Miscellaneous Geologic Invesigations
Issue_Identification: I-711
Publication_Place: Washington, D.C.
Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey
Source_Scale_Denominator: 125,000
Type_of_Source_Media: Publication negatives.
Source_Citation_Abbreviation: USGS (1972)
For geologic information for Yellowstone National Park prior to 1972, the following are contributions listed on the map: Quaternary volcanic rocks by R.L. Christiansen, and H.R. Blank, 1966-70. Absaroka volcanic rocks by H.W. Smedes and H.J. Proska. Pre-volcanic rock in the northern part of the Park by E.T. Ruppel, 1965-68; I.J. Witkind, G.D. Fraser, H.A. Waldrop, and H.J. Hyden; W.B. Hall; W.G. Pierce. Pre-volcanic rocks by J.D. Love, 1945-49, 1964-67, and W.R. Keefer, 1966-67. Surficial deposits mainly after G.M. Richmond, K.L. Pierce, and H.A. Waldrop (U.S. Geological Survey, 1972, Surficial Geologic Map of Yellowstone National Park: U.S. Geological Survey Misc. Inv. Map I-710)
Calendar_Date: 1972
Source_Currentness_Reference: publication date
Source negatives were scanned and vectorized using ArcInfo software.
Process_Date: 1998
attributes were added to the database to reflect geology polygon labels.
Process_Date: 1998
Geospatial entities and attributes were checked for completeness and accuracy.
Process_Date: 1999
Process_Description: Metadata documentation was created for the data set.
Process_Date: 2000

Direct_Spatial_Reference_Method: Vector
SDTS_Point_and_Vector_Object_Type: Point
Point_and_Vector_Object_Count: 4461
SDTS_Point_and_Vector_Object_Type: String
Point_and_Vector_Object_Count: 11547
SDTS_Point_and_Vector_Object_Type: GT-polygon composed of chains
Point_and_Vector_Object_Count: 4462

Grid_Coordinate_System_Name: Universal Transverse Mercator
UTM_Zone_Number: 12
Scale_Factor_at_Central_Meridian: 0.9996
Longitude_of_Central_Meridian: -111.0
Latitude_of_Projection_Origin: 0.0
False_Easting: 500000.
False_Northing: 0.0
Planar_Coordinate_Encoding_Method: coordinate pair
Abscissa_Resolution: 50.0
Ordinate_Resolution: 50.0
Planar_Distance_Units: METERS
Horizontal_Datum_Name: North American Datum of 1927
Ellipsoid_Name: Clarke 1866
Semi-major_Axis: 6378206.4
Denominator_of_Flattening_Ratio: 294.98

This data set contains 130 polygon distinct attributes and three line attributes.

The ARC/INFO coverage is: geol83

The "info" file geol83.pat contains the following attributes unique to this cover that are described below. They are:

PTYPE		Detailed map unit symbol.
PTYPE-GEN	Generalized values used for Teriary and
		older map units.
SEL		Not currently used.
SYMB		Not currently used.
The "info" file geol83.patgen contains the attribute "PTYPE-GEN" for the region "GEN" in this cover that is the same as the "PTYPE-GEN" described below.

The file that contains the polygon attributes and a brief description is: geol83.lup. The file is called geol83pl.dbf as a dbase file for ArcView. This file contains the additional attributes:

GROUP		Highest ranking group for mapped units.
SUB-GROUP1	Second ranking group.
SUB-GROUP2	Third ranking group
The map symbols below are the attribute "PTYPE". Outcrop (polygon) attribute descriptions from the above files are as follows:

Surficial Deposits (Holocene and Pleistocene)
Qs	Detrital deposits
Qh	Hot-spring deposits
Qhi	Cemented ice-contact deposits localized by hot springs
Qhe	Hydrothermal-explosion deposits
Plateau Rhyolite (Pleistocene)
	Central Plateau Member
	Qpcp	Pitchstone Plateau flow
	Qpcg	Grants Pass flow
	Qpcmf	Moose Falls flow
	Qpcy	West Yellowstone flow
	Qpct	Trischman Knob dome
	Qpck	Douglas Knob dome
	Qpco	Tuff of Cold Mountain Creek
	Qpcr	Bechler River flow
	Qpcs 	Summit Lake flow
	Qpcf	Solfatara Plateau flow
	Qpch	Hayden Valley flow
	Qpcb	Buffalo Lake flow
	Qpcc	Spring Creek flow
	Qpcc(?)	Spring Creek(?) flow
	Qpcn	Nez Perce Creek flow
	Qpcn(?)	Nez Perce Creek(?) flow
	Qpcu	Spruce Creek flow
	Qpcu(?)	Spruce Creek(?) flow
	Qpce	Elephant Back flow
	Qpcw	West Thumb flow
	Qpca	Aster Creek flow
	Qpcl	Tuff of Bluff Point
	Qpcm	Mary Lake flow
	Qpcd	Dry Creek flow
	Roaring Mountain Member
	Qprs	Crystal Spring flow
	Qprg	Gibbon River flow
	Qpro	Obsidian Cliff flow
	Qprc	Cougar Creek dome
	Qprr	Riverside flow
	Mallard Lake Member
	Qpm	Mallard Lake flow
	Obsidian Creek Member
	Qpoh	Gibbon Hill dome
	Qpop	Paintpot Hill dome
	Qpow	Willow Park dome
	Qpoa	Apollinaris Spring dome
	Qpol	Landmark dome
	Qpog	Rhyolite-basalt mixed lavas of Gardner River
	Qpoz	Rhyolite-basalt mixed lavas of Grizzly Lake
	Upper Basin Member
	Qpul	Scaup Lake flow
	Qpub	Biscuit Basin flow
	Qpud	Dunraven Road flow
	Qpuc	Canyon flow
	Qpus	Tuff of Sulphur Creek
	Qput	Tuff of Uncle Toms Trail
Qge	Gerrit Basalt (Pleistocene)
Qo	Osprey Basalt (Pleistocene)--Includes some gravel
Qmr	Madison River Basalt (Pleistocene)
Qf	Falls River Basalt (Pleistocene)
Qsl	Swan Lake Flat Basalt (Pleistocene)
Qgc	Basalt of Geode Creek (Pleistocene)
Qm	Basalt of Mariposa Lake (Pleistocene)
Qso	Sediments (Pleistocene)--Interlayered with Plateau Rhyolite
Lava Creek Tuff (Pleistocene)
	Qylb	Member B
	Qyla	Member A
Quf	Undine Falls Basalt (Pleistocene)--Includes some gravel
Mount Jackson Rhyolite (Pleistocene)
	Qmh	Mount Haynes flow
	Qml	Harlequin Lake flow
	Qmf	Flat Mountain flow
	Qmw	Wapiti Lake flow
	Qmm	Moose Creek Butte flow
	Qmb	Big Bear Lake flow
Qlc	Lewis Canyon Rhyolite (Pleistocene)
Qw	Basalt of Warm River (Pleistpcene)
Island Park Rhyolite (Pleistocene)
	Qiw	Warm River Butte dome
Qym	Mesa Falls Tuff (Pleistocene)
Qtn	Sediments and basalts of the Narrows (Pleistocene)
Huckleberry Ridge Tuff (Pliocene)
	Tyhc	Member C
	Tyhb	Member B
	Tyha	Member A
Generalized Attributes of Rock Units Older Than The Huckleberry Ridge Tuff; (used for showing all of the volcanic units of Yellowstone National Park in detail and older rocks generalized). These values correspond to the attribute "PTYPE-GEN".

Tj	Junction Butte Basalt (Pliocene)--Includes some gravel
Tcc	Conant Creek Tuff (Pliocene)
Te	Gravel of Mount Everts (Pliocene)
Thl	Heart Lake Conglomerate (Pliocene)
Ti      Intrusive Rocks related to the Absaroka
Volcanic Supergroup (Eocene)
Tv	Volcanic rocks of the Absaroka Volcanic Supergroup (Eocene)
Ts	Sedimentary rocks interlayered with Absaroka
TWMZs	Sedimentary rocks (Paleocene and Mesozoic)
WPZs	Sedimentary rocks (Paleozoic)
WPCm	Gneiss and schist, and minor pegmatite, serpentine, and
	diabase, quartzite, and amphibolite (Precambrian)
Detailed Older Rock Unit Attributes. These values correspond to the attribute "PTYPE".

Ti	Rhyodacite, quartz latite, quartz monzonite, and
	granodiorite in the Gallatin Range
Tid	Dacite intrusive rocks
Twi	Wiggins Formation To Two Ocean Formation
Tli	Intrusive rocks of Two Ocean and Langford Formations
Tl	Langford Formation
	Tlp     Promontory Member
	Tlf     Andesite lava flows
Tt	Trout Peak Trachyandesite
	Ttp     Pacific Creek Tuff Member
Tm	Mount Wallace Formation
	Tms     Slough Creek Tuff Member
Tch	Crescent Hill Basalt
Tw	Wapiti Formation
Ts	Sepulcher Formation
	Tsf     Fortress Mountain Member
	Tsd     Daly Creek Member
	Tlc     Lost Creek Tuff Member
	Tec     Elk Creek Basalt Member (also a member of Lamar
		River Formation)
	Tsc     Nonvolcanic conglomerate, fanglomerate, and breccia facies
Tlr      Lamar River Formation
	Tlrf	Andesite flows
	Tlri	Sulphur Creek stock and associated dikes
	Tlrb	Bodies of intrusive breccia
Tc	Cathedral Cliffs Formation
TKv	Volcanic rocks
TKp	Pinyon Conglomerate
Kl	Landslide Creek Formation, Everts Formation, Eagle Sandstone,
	Telegraph Creek Formation, Cody Shale, and Frontier
Kh	Harebell Formation
Kb	Bacon Ridge Sandstone
Kc	Cody Shale
Kf	Frontier Formation
Kmk	Mowry Shale, Thermopolis Shale, and Kootenai Formation
Kmt	Mowry and Thermopolis Formations
KJm	Cloverly and Morrison(?) Formations
Jm	Morrison Formation
Je	Ellis Group
Js	Sundance and Gypsum Spring Formations
WTRt	Thaynes(?), Woodside, and Dinwoody Formations
WTRc	Chugwater and Dinwoody Formations
Ps	Shedhorn Sandstone
Pp	Phosphoria Formation and related rocks
WPPq	Quadrant Sandstone and Amsden Formation
WPPMt	Tensleep Sandstone and Amsden Formation
Mm 	Madison Group
Dot	Three Forks Formation, Jefferson Formation,and Bighorn
Dd	Darby Formation
OWCb	Bighorn(?) Dolomite, Gallatin Limestone, and Gros Ventre
WCs	Snowy Range Formation and Pilgrim Limestone
WCp	Park Shale, Meagher Limestone, Wolsey Shale, and Flathead
WPCg	Gneiss and schist
Special Symbol Explanation
WTR = Triassic
WMz = Mesozoic
WP = Pennsylvanian
WC = Cambrian
WPC = Pre-Cambrian
OW = Open water
The "INFO" file that contains the arc arttributes is geol83.aat. The attribute "LTYPE" contains the line type. "SEL" and "SYMB" are not currently used. The file that contains the line attributes and a brief description is: geol83.lul. This file is called geol83ll.dbf as a dbase file for ArcView. This file contains the attribute "DESC" with a general description of the line types.

1	Faults
25	Contacts
301	Open water boundaries
Entity_and_Attribute_Detail_Citation: none

Contact_Organization: U.S. Geological Survey
Address_Type: mailing address
Address: Central Publications Group
Address: MS 902, Box 25046, DFC
City: Denver
State_or_Province: CO
Postal_Code: 80225-0046
Contact_Voice_Telephone: 303-236-5486
Resource_Description: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-174
This report is preliminary and has not been reviewed for conformity with U.S. Geological Survey editorial standards (or with the North American Stratigraphic Code). Any use of trade, product, or firm names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.
Format_Name: ARCE, SHP, SDTS
Format_Version_Number: ARC/INFO Windows NT 7.2.1
GZIP compressed TAR file (UNIX or LINUX), ZIP archive(MS Windows)
Network_Resource_Name: <>

Fees: none

Metadata_Date: 20001218
Contact_Person: Ronald R. Wahl
Address_Type: mailing address
P.O. Box 25046 Mail Stop 913 U.S. Geological Survey Denver Federal Center
City: Denver
State_or_Province: CO
Postal_Code: 80225-0046
Contact_Voice_Telephone: (303) 236-1320
Contact_Facsimile_Telephone: (303) 236-0214
Metadata_Standard_Name: FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata
Metadata_Standard_Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998
Metadata_Time_Convention: Local Time
Metadata_Security_Classification_System: None
Metadata_Security_Classification: Unclassified
Metadata_Security_Handling_Description: None

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