USGS Open File Report 99-376
National Coal Resource Assessment Non-Proprietary Data:
Location, Stratigraphy, and Coal Quality for Selected Tertiary Coal in the
Northern Rocky Mountains and Great Plains Region
(Data Files in USGS Professional Paper 1625A)
by R.M. Flores, A.M. Ochs, G.D. Stricker, M.S. Ellis, S.B. Roberts,
C.W. Keighin, E.C. Murphy, V.V. Cavaroc Jr., R.C. Johnson, E.M. Wilde


About The Data

       Non-proprietary and proprietary data from more than 18,000 oil and gas wells, coal drill holes, and outcrop measured sections were collected in the Powder River, Williston, Hanna, Carbon, and Greater Green River (east flank of the Rock Springs uplift) Basins.

       These data come from 6,217 locations in the Powder River Basin, 6,033 in the Williston Basin, 1,905 in the Hanna and Carbon Basins, and 4,052 in the Greater Green River Basin (east flank of the Rock Springs uplift).  Only the non-proprietary drill-hole and measured section data (11,020) are included in this Open-File Report.  These drillholes penetrated the Fort Union Formation in the Powder River, Williston, and Greater Green River (east flank of Rock Springs uplift) and the Ferris and Hanna Formations in the Hanna and Carbon Basins.

        Data from hard copy were entered directly into the StratiFact database manager or entered into a spreadsheet format and then imported into the StratiFact database manager. The database includes information on:(1) drillhole identification, (2) geographic location (latitude, longtitude, northings, eastings, section, township, and range, elevation, drillhole depth, county, and 7 ½ minute quadrangle name where available), (3) data source or operatorís name, (4) confidentiality (i.e. proprietary or non-proprietary) (5) stratigraphic measurements (depth in feet to various lithologic contacts), (6) lithologies  (rock types and lithologic modifiers (i.e. carbonaceous shale), (7) stratigraphic nomenclature (i.e. formation names and coal zone names). The data from the drill holes were then correlated using StratiFact. All data (proprietary and non-proprietary) from this investigation are archived in the USGS National Coal Resource Data System (NCRDS). In this Open-File Report geographic (location) and stratigraphic output from StratiFact were recombined through use of other relational database programs (Access) and output into Excel formats.

View the assessment report, 1999 Resource Assessment Of Selected Tertiary Coal Beds And Zones In The Northern Rocky Mountains And Great Plains Region (USGS Professional Paper 1625A)

Download the report OF99-376.pdf   (in PDF format - 37KB)
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