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Publications—Open-File Report 99–254

Method for Examination and Documentation of Basic Information and Metadata from Published Reports Relevant to the Study of Stormwater Runoff Quality

By Shannon G. Dionne, Gregory E. Granato, and Cameron K. Tana

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99–254

Prepared in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration. A Contribution to the National Highway Runoff Data and Methodology Synthesis.


This report is available in Portable Document Format (PDF):

OFR 99–254 (584 KB)  – 165 pages


A readily accessible archive of information that is valid, current, and technically defensible is needed to make informed highway-planning, design, and management decisions. The National Highway Runoff Water-Quality Data and Methodology Synthesis (NDAMS) is a cataloging and assessment of the documentation of information relevant to highway-runoff water quality available in published reports. The report review process is based on the NDAMS review sheet, which was designed by the USGS with input from the FHWA, State transportation agencies, and the regulatory community. The report-review process is designed to determine the technical merit of the existing literature in terms of current requirements for data documentation, data quality, quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC), and technical issues that may affect the use of historical data. To facilitate the review process, the NDAMS review sheet is divided into 12 sections: (1) administrative review information, (2) investigation and report information, (3) temporal information, (4) location information (5) water-quality-monitoring information, (6) sample-handling methods, (7) constituent information, (8) sampling focus and matrix, (9) flow monitoring methods, (10) field QA/QC, (11) laboratory, and (12) uncertainty/error analysis.

This report describes the NDAMS report reviews and metadata documentation methods and provides an overview of the approach and of the quality-assurance and quality-control program used to implement the review process. Detailed information, including a glossary of relevant terms, a copy of the report-review sheets, and reportreview instructions are completely documented in a series of three appendixes included with this report. Therefore the reviews are repeatable and the methods can be used by transportation research organizations to catalog new reports as they are published.




Purpose and Scope




Section 1: Review Information

Section 2: Investigation and Report Information

Section 3: Temporal Information

Section 4: Location Information

Section 5: Water-Quality-Monitoring Methods

Section 6: Sample-Handling Methods

Section 7: Constituent Information

Section 8: Sampling Focus and Matrix

Section 9: Flow-Monitoring Methods

Sections 10 and 11: Field and Laboratory Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Section 12: Uncertainty/Error Analysis

Quality Assurance and Quality Control in the Report-Review Process



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Suggested Citation:
Dionne, S.G., Granato, G.E., and Tana, C.K., 1999, Method for examination and documentation of basic information and metadata from published reports relevant to the study of stormwater runoff quality: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-254, 156 p.

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