fig9thum.jpg (51439 bytes)Figure 10. Sidescan-sonar (bottom panel) and sediment-sample (top panel) transects from the lower beach face to the middle shelf. Sidescan-sonar image shows a high backscatter return from the sand-dollar field on the lower beach face, but otherwise the signature is a uniform low backscatter. The sediment samples, by contrast, show a progressive offshore fining of the surface sediments. On the lower beach face, surface sediments are primarily fine sand. On the inner shelf, the very-fine sand fraction increases from 45% in 18 m water depth to 62% in 58 m water depth.  Mud content increases gradually across the inner shelf, and seaward of the sample in 58 m water depth it exceeds 25%.  Click on the figure to view a larger image.  Figure location shown in Fig. 4.

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