Chapter 7
Table 4 - List of salt marshes sampled and the station
locations for the cores collected from salt marshes
around Long Island Sound.
marsh core longitude latitude
Knells Island KI-1 73o 6' 54" W 41o 11' 13" N
Farm River marsh BFB3A 72o 51'09" W 41o 16'0" N
BFA3 72o 51'02" W 41o 15'45" N
BFL8c 72o 26'56" W 41o 15'03" N
Guilford marsh GA 72o 40'39"W  41o 15'59"N 
GK 72o 38'33"W 41o 16'42"N
Clinton marsh E 72o 30'56"W 41o 16'17"N
Great Island, CT River GI-1 72o 20'05"W 41o 17'12"N
Pataguansett marsh PT(B)100 72o 13'17"W 41o 17'42"N
Barn Island marsh BI-2 71o 52'25"W 41o 20'29"N
BI-3 71o 52'23"W 41o 20'29"N
BI-5 71o 52'11"W 41o 20'17"N
Totoket Mountain TM 72o 47'08"W 41o 21'53"N
Connecticut River CP3 72o 26'56"W 41o 26'31"N
DM 72o 37'57"W 41o 36'18"N
Talcott Mountain LL 72o 46'50" 41o 51'42"N
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